SpankChicosmalos: Game of the Spanking Goose (Part 1)

SpankChicosmalos: Game of the Spanking Goose (Part 1)
Pablo and Alex were bored until they discovered by chance the “GAME OF THE SPANKING GOOSE”. This is a board game where players receive or spank depending on the square they pass through, and the Goose square is the one that gives more privileges The guys have too much fun spanking their nice naked asses, to the point of questioning their sexuality

Pablo y Alex estaban aburridos hasta que descubrieron por casualidad el juego “GAME OF THE SPANKING GOOSE”. Este es un juego de mesa donde los jugadores reciben o azotan dependiendo de la casilla por la que pasen y la casilla de la Oca es la que da más privilegios. Los chicos se divierten demasiado azotando sus bonitos culos desnudos, hasta el punto de cuestionar su sexualidad

巴勃罗及亚历克斯感到很闷, 直到他们找到了 “打屁股之鹅” 这个游戏. 这个游戏中他们会根据棋子的位置决定他们会打人屁股还是被打, 站到鹅格的玩家会有更多权力. 这两个男生太享受打对方漂亮的光屁股, 他们不禁怀疑自己的性取向


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Sweetly-close study buddies Alex and Pablo are utterly used to upended comeuppances, as spanking-sentenced submissively stripping school squirts, sheer-standard suffering and witnessing ‘soundly stern’ seat-stripping-schoolboy spankings sine-shyness, abjectly attending a severely-strict spanking prepschool, where hardly a class goes by without some of their mates bending over their desks for a dire dose of the sturdy strap, often all-on-ankles, and coming commando is a mandatory ‘negative part of school uniform’, which is always a size too tight, also to get better benefit of burning bottoms between brat-butt-beatings, be-it for beneath-B or bad berated behaviour, and bis-bare-balls-batterings blistering their black-and-blue-burning bad-boy-behinds back-home, where worse-still wickedly-well-wielded-whip-whooping works wonders of worshipfulness in all ways with the willlessly-wailing ‘waywardness-worked-over’ whippersnappers, warned to work their tails off to ward-off the worst thorny, time-honoured technique of trouserless-teen-tush-tender-tanning tail-terror to true tears teaching total tractability.
    Usually they study a lot and play a bit in-between at Alex’s home, as keeping their grades up is their best hope of limiting their ‘asinine adolescent arses’ being ordered obediently-orbs-ordeal-offered utterly-upended all-on-ankles lined-up over the couch-back for any full-force-fanny-flailable under-B either ‘numbskull knave’ gets, as ‘brats who play and study together, suffer spanking-sanctions together’, sternly-swatting Sirs say steadily. With Alex’s lord father away on business, he stays for a change at Pablo’s, whose businessman big cousin-guardian and godfather often leaves them alone, being occupied by clients often and long.
    With much more time together and lots less paternal supervision, they can afford there to play more than ever, running out of their usual props, so look around for something new, maybe exciting, and sassily stumble upon Sir’s secret saucy stash, stuffed with sexy stuff, the summit seems a strange stripping and spanking perversion of the goose board. Suddenly Pablo starts silently wondering whether his grim guardian, who gloats giddily giving the gorgeous godson gruesomely-glowing-globes and greedily gropes his genitals is a ‘greedy gay gruel’ given to gore games, or if that’s normal, even needed to nastily nurture naughty-natured knaves as he was always told when another elder ‘educator’ was given a standing invitation to strip and spank him as Sir sees fit.
    He guesses the latter and keeps silent about it as Alex, actually hiding similar doubts but(t) bolder and curious as a cat, eagerly suggests they grab this unique opportunity to find out -neither having kid kin to castigate as occasional charges- how it feels to be on the other end of utterly upended, eerily-exposed endurances, without actual humiliation as they are confident, amical peers, virtual stepbrothers, who won’t ever abuse each-other, just playfully test their thrashable-teen-borders and thrillingly taste a two-tail-terror-turn as thwacker this-time, no more than either feels they should take still as fair, friendly fellow-fledgling-fanny-flogger-fun, far from the fearsome filial fear of full furnace-fiery fatherly flailing for fulminating-figure-found faults and flaws.
    It surprisingly super-deepens their friendship formidably, the fine feeling of full-confidence, all fair for fun, finding how fulfilling it feels to flail and fondle a fine-featured fraternal/filial-figure as-if absolutely at-will, having a handsome handful helplessly-heinie-heightened, hornily-he-hood-heeded, happily-wholly-held-in-hand to heavenly handle harshly-hitting or hold-back as magnanimous measure of mercy on a mesmerizingly-marvellous male’s meekly-mounted-mounds, well-worth wailing a while when whooped willy-wiggling, in fact they even discover the subtler pleasures of providing playmate perverse pleasure on purpose providing pounding-pretexts, and passive perverse pleasures in private-parts-privacy-privated play for puerile pleasuring, not paternalistic punitive purposes.
    (COMING UP) Alas, neither kept track of time running out for them, it’s the guardian-godfather who will catch the curs is the contemptible act and crossly-cursing condemn them to copious comeuppance by comprehensive clothless-cones-crimson-castigation, completely confiscating control and compounding cruelty on compelling.