Spanking Boys: 19 Year Old Jake

Jake is a 19 year old Croatian boy who makes an appearance at Spanking Boys this month.

Here’s what Spanking Boys have to say about him: 

Jake is a sweet twink with a heart of gold and magnetic personality, I almost fell in love and could barely bring myself to spank him so soon after he told me of his hard life on the streets of Croatia. Fortunately, my hard dick got the better of me and he was soon over my knee receiving his first ever spanking, but not before I fucked this extremely cute young twink. He had a lovely tight upper body and a tattoo, which always drives me a bit crazy. 

I pounded him standing up, sitting on me, laying flat on his chest with his bum in the air and finally doggie style, he could really take a good ass pounding as you will see from videos uploaded this month. He spanked well too and his ass was a hot shade of crimson red by the time we were finished. Jake admitted enjoying the spanking and I think we will see more of him.


3 Responses to Spanking Boys: 19 Year Old Jake

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    All the clips of Jake were great He appeared to cooperate and his hide appeared to very hot I look forward to seeing him again

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      I too believe that Jake got it good both ways the first time He appears to have a hide that takes to a spanking well Since he admitted that he liked being spanked I think a repeat performance should occur and this time the paddle could be very useful

  2. could you possibly publish more of these spanking-boys previews please