Well Bruised Buttocks

And whose buttocks are perfect for adding a bit of colour to? Of course Little Foxxy’s! 

The miscreant is sitting on the floor,wearing only a skimpy pair of tighty whities, waiting for JustMagic to arrive to give him his well deserved punishment. The fear he is feeling is palpable, he knows he is definitely going to get it this time. Stealing ten euros out of JustMagic’s wallet he will not get away with. 

 A vase with some nasty instruments has been prepared and is standing next to him.


When JustMagic arrives Little Foxxy begs to be let off.  However, the strict disciplinarian is having none of it. He grabs the boy and pulls him up from the floor and positions him over his knee.


JustMagic spanks Little Foxxy hard from the word go as he certainly intends to make the miscreant really feel it. Pulling his underpants up into a tight wedgie his already glowing buttocks are soon jiggling under even more swats.


His constant screaming and wailing just makes JustMagic even more aggressive.


JustMagic orders the boy to give me one of the instruments. He picks a split bamboo rod which looks harmless but really does cause tremendous pain. After two or three swats the bruising starts to show and his howling gets louder and louder. 

This is another great effort from Little Foxxy and certainly shows his capability for taking a hard punishment!

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