Jonathon – Made Hairless and Belted

He is probably the cutest and sexiest of all the Factory guys and in this clip he is in great form.


Arriving home from the chemists and finding him self alone Jonathon reads the instructions on a box of hair removal cream.


Deciding that his timing is perfect he strips off and carefully applies the cream to his genitals and surrounding pubes.


The views offered in this part of the clip are extremely candid. The cream has to stay on for five or six minutes to take effect. 


He then goes to the shower and with a small towel and round water he washes of the cream and his previously quite bushy pubes. Soon he is standing there as naked as the day he was born! Grabbing a razor to finish the job he himself is more than happy with the results. 


Unfortunately just as he is about to end his task his father arrives home. Finding a pile of pubic hair in the living room, his father wonders what on earth is going on. As he opens the bathroom door he is shocked to see Jonathon standing there, semi-erect, smooth as a baby and with his razor in his hands. 


He drags the boy into the living room and leaves him to fetch a tough leather belt. Jonathons gorgeous bottom is going to feel this spanking in a big way, he realises that himself and pulls on his white underpants for protection. His father returns and orders the boy to lie down on the chaise longue and commences to beat him on his raised up buttocks.


Jontahon whimpers that he is sorry and that he will never do it again but his father is too enraged to listen. Over and over again the tough leather strap lands on Jonathon’s glowing tender bottom. Through gritted teeth he manages to ask his dad how long he will be belted for. “Until I think you have learned your lessen boy” is the answer the poor urchin gets as a reply.


Suddenly the belting stops, Jonathon’s father orders the boy to stand up only to drag him over his knee and continue the beating with a good hand spanking. The boy tries at one point to wriggle out of the embarrassing position only to feel his father’s iron grip on his genitals.



Finally his father has given the boy enough. Jonathon promises profoundly never ever to do anything like that again. His disgusted father just orders him to sweep up the pubic evidence of a debauched morning.

5 Responses to Jonathon – Made Hairless and Belted

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    Thanks again for this lovely Jonathan collection!!!!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    simplemente,un niño maravilloso!!!GRACIAS!!!

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Es mi niño favorito,el mas bello de todos,adoro sus travesuras,y no me canso de verlo,para mi es el mejor!!!
    Ahora lo veo y cada vez esta mas lindo,aún veo algunos de sus primeros videos en donde es aún un crío y con el pasar del tiempo todos hemos visto su evolución y es lo máximo.saludos a todos los de la fabrica mágica de nalgadas y felicitaciones ha todos por un trabajo espectacular!!

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    Anonymous says:

    ¡¡Wooow,yo quiero mas de esta preciosura!!!si esta como esculpido centímetro a centímetro !!

  5. I don’t like jonathon’s hairless look – i think he looks cuter with pubic hair!