SpankChicosmalos: Shower and Spanking

SpankChicosmalos: Shower and Spanking

Alex catches Joel spying on him while he’s taking a shower. Alex gets out of the shower covered only with his towel, Joel’s round and smooth brown ass will receive the punishment of Alex angry. Two sexy guys get into an embarrassing situation that ends with Joel’s ass on fire!

Alex descubre a Joel espiándolo mientras se ducha. Alex sale de la ducha tapado solo con su toalla, el redondo y terso culo moreno de Joel va a recibir el castigo de Alex enfadado. Dos tíos sexys se meten en una situación embarazosa que acaba con el culo de Joel en llamas

艾力克斯抓到祖尔偷窥他洗澡. 艾力克斯只包着浴巾走了出来并气得把祖尔圆润且光滑的屁股打了一顿. 这两个性感的男生尴尬的情况最终让祖尔的屁股变得火辣辣


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1 year ago

Alex can barely believe the bluntly-bold blatant brat’s boundless disrespect! As top-scoring all-AAs frat senior, he’s entitled to a private frat-house-master-suite with butlering permanent pledge orderly, yet kindly agreed to host for a week and show around a family business relation’s idiotic son around on a campus he’s unlike to enter ever again given his abysmal grades, assigning him the bed for the pledge who gets some time off.
Now the ingrate knave not only ignores his father’s promise he’ll do all chores, the bloody brat actually shamelessly strolls all around idly and spies on Senior Sir showering starkers, stealing surely the sexiest sight on site, still shocking, he should swiftly shy-away, not stare and self-satisfy seed-stick-stiffening sans suitable scared-stiff-shame. Seniors such as Alex are used to their orderly pledges showering first, shivering staying starkers to serve strict Sir on naked knees, devoutly drying his distinguished dermis with a towel next handed over to swat them such as Sir sees fit, then dress Sir, dry themselves but(t) stay naked as toyboy, sat-on stool and so on as long as pleases his ‘preceptor’, who spanks at pleasure or displeasure, mostly on the bare.
Alex’s kindness and patience being overstretched, he first gives the gore ingrate guest a good globes-glowing, then decides to pull rank and be a good frat mate by rostering his Senior frat brothers to take turns thornily tender-tanning that thrash’s tail to their toughest tastes, till it’s time to throw him out forever. The wine brought along as gift for the host is put up as prize for a contest who finds the best way (position, implement, whatever) to make him yelp, no squeal, and squirm, scared-stiff-seed-stick-swaying, suiting the sordid silly swine he acted like when soundly spanked sorely-sorry to the Senior sires’ sturdiest spankophile satisfaction.
Even Alex’s pious pledge orderly, who is recalled to duty, gets a gruesomely-good go at grilling the godforsaken gringe-guest’s globes glowingly, as good as he ever got from his good Sir, gleefully gloating at this great gift.