Sting: The Borstal 9 (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

The Borstal 9

Scene 2

The second lad due a spanking is Briggs (Oscar Hart) this longer term inmate knows all the tricks but sooner or later always comes up against authority head on or this case butt on. The Governor likes to keep trainee records clean so often favours an off the record punishment. Briggs too is now to report to Mr Sharpe.

For his unruly attitude the Senior officer will bring his birch switch in to play!


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The switching followed of course by a scorching spanking on Briggs already burning bare bottom.






Such was the price of misbehaviour in the Borstals of yesteryear.

2 Responses to Sting: The Borstal 9 (Part 2 of 2) Plus Video Preview

  1. Avery nice video, bravura performance by Oscar, and new boy Evan Ryker has real Star quality (and a great bod)

    Marco, of course is a God Among men.

  2. Evan is so sexy! I just love his angry face as he goes over Marco’s knee.

    I hope we see more of Evan, preferably in a domestic scenario, or at the clinic.