Brett Stevens – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home!: Brett’s Father has been working away on business and when Dad is away, Brett Stevens misbehaves! Mum has told Dad everything that Brett has been up to (including stealing from her purse) and Dad is furious! Brett has been banished to his bedroom until has Dad returns home and boy is he is dreading what is coming.. When the clock hits 5pm Dad gets home and Brett knows it’s time to assume the position. He slowly strips off all of his clothes and this sorry straight lad positions himself face down on the bed…… Dad walks in and slowly removes his belt… No words are needed as Brett’s naked bottom is lashed again and again with his Dad’s belt. The hits are relentless and get harder and harder as the spanking continues…. Brett is left lying in agony trying to soothe his tender cheeks as his father throws down the belt and leaves…..

More from Brett:

I have had some requests to produce a video which includes a lot of facial reactions. So in this shoot I used two cameras with one just focused on my face throughout capturing what was a very real, painful & prolonged belting. I hope you enjoy!! If you also enjoy lingering close-ups of a stark naked str8 guy before and after a spanking well you will you will probably enjoy this clip! For all the fans of facial reactions I have also made an extended HD quality version of this video which includes all the extra footage shot from the face camera which never made it into this edit.

Video trailer

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12 years ago

Beaut-boy Brett, bewilderingly-bottomed-beatably-balls-bared-‘bad-boy’-beefcake,

this post clearly shows that fine casting starring a super-sexy spankee-stud such-as said superb stripling pâys off, especially in a time-tested classical composition such as no-nonse nude-nates-naughtiness-nurture, this is the stuff that may enable your hudding bare-bud-butt-beating-site to aspire Sting’s level of excellence again, unlike weird stuff like mask discipliners (no stern eye-contact, looks like an abusive abductor) or nice acquaintances who simply aven’t been honestly sreened as spanking-models.

Good luck and keeps those beautiful-boy-bottom-buns becomingly bared, both being brilliantly beaten blazingly blistered!

Mr X
12 years ago

Thanks for your amazing alliteration attempts, it certainly spread some serious super smiles on a Sunday! I will pass on your kind comments to bad-boy, brawny Brett!! 🙂

Mr X!