Exchange Student Caught Jerking!

 Brett Stevens catches a young exchange student up to no good and and gives the bad boy a well deserved bare bottom spanking.

Kyle is a young Portuguese exchange student that has been placed to stay with Brett Stevens family. Kyle is home alone one night and after a long session training with the Portuguese diving team he decides to enjoy a nice, hot  shower. 

Then after rubbing himself dry with his towel, rather going to his own bedroom, he sneaks into Brett’s bedroom. 

 Young Kyle can’t believe his luck when he quickly finds Brett’s stash of porn mags!! Soon enough he is lying back on Brett’s bed, flicking through the porn and slowly jerking off.

Kyle manages to get through most of the magazines and is clearly enjoying looking at the British girls and is close to shooting when  …….. Brett unexpectedly barges in!

Brett can’t believe what he is seeing!

 Kyle’s in trouble!!

….and he knows it!!

Kyle has only basic English so Brett decides to teach him a lesson using the universal language of spanking! Brett grabs the embarrassed student and throws him over his knee.

Brett does not mess around with any kind of warm up and shocks the lad with a short but rather intense hand spanking! Even though Kyle has a strong toned body, he clearly struggles with Brett’s spanking and is wriggling around pleading with Brett to stop. 

Brett holds the cheeky lad in place though and soon turns the sorry lad’s bottom *bright red!*
Video trailer

Brett says:

Young Kyle is brand new model to the world of male spanking! If you enjoy seeing lingering shots of a hot young guy with a smooth toned body in the shower and slowly enjoying a nice wanking session, before getting a short, sharp spanking then you will LOVE this clip!


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12 years ago

Kyle is really very cute, I love seeing him getting spanked right after a shower.

More of Kyle please

12 years ago

Very Hot!