Reposting : Kevin’s Bubble Bath Blues

As I mentioned the other day, while many of us are enduring “Social Separation” as result of the Coronavirus, JockSpank plan to repost various favourite earlier postings, to keep visitors entertained while they are required to stay inside.

Today, I have decided to repost something from Straight Lads Spanked. There are a number of candidates from the SLS studio, such as the incredibly expressive and spankable Dom, the arrogant but handsome Bailey or cheeky young Jason. However, I have selected, the drop dead gorgeous Kevin, who, despite his tattoos, which usually turn me off, always came across as highly sexy and deserving of a spanking.

In Kevin’s Bubble Bath Blues, Kevin receives a OTK bare bottom spanking right out of a hot bubble bath, which as you may know makes a spanking sting all the more. And he SO deserved it!!

Enjoy Kevin’s Bubble Bath Blues

Kevin – Bubble Bath Blues


This movie follows on directly from the movie Team Punishment – in which, following a vote by the Football team Kevin receives a hard bare bottom spanking from Sebastian the team captain, as punishment for fighting with another player, Fraser, during the game. Kevin’s behaviour resulted in a red card penalty causing the team to lose the game. Now read on ….


Kevin has just been spanked by the football Team Captain, Sebastian. Sebastian has just left and Kevin’s bottom is red and sore and he feels humiliated.


Sebastian sure know how to spank a guy, so he knows he’s been spanked!


Anxious to relieve the discomfort Kevin decides to soothe his tender bottom in a nice bubble bath.


He strips naked and makes his way to the bathroom


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He eases his still sore and stinging bare bottom into the warm soapy water



unfortunately Kevin’s father has heard all about his bad behaviour and is furious!


is mortified and embarrassed that his father has walked in while he
is naked in the bath


Kevin tries to explain what has just happened and that he has just been spanked


Dad not impressed, Kevin’s behaviour has been getting worse and his Dad decided that there has to be some strict punishment!
So Kevin is facing another spanking! On his already sore and tender bottom!


Kevin is not even given the to towel himself dry, and instead he is pulled of his Dad’s knee while still dripping wet


Dad admires Sebastian’s handiwork, adding to Kevin’s embarrassment by doing so!


Poor Kevin realises he about to get a second bare bottom spanking in the space of half an hour


The next 15 minutes feels more like a week to Kevin, as he discovers how much more spankings sting when they are applied to a warm wet bottom,
right after a hot bath





At one point Kevin attempts to reason with his Dad, arguing that he doesn’t deserve to get a second spanking so soon after the first …


and how much his bottom hurts already


However, his words are to no avail, in his Dad’s view a sore bottom is just what Kevin deserves …

. and it is going to be considerably more painful by the time he has finished punishing him




Kevin struggles and protests but Dad’s hard hand continues top rainstinging smacks on his tender, double spanked, backside.




Finally, it is over, and like the naughty boy he is, Kevin has to sulkily endure a further lecture from Dad.
It is at that point that Dad gives Kevin some very unwelcome news, and it dawns on the naughty lad that his ordeal may not be over yet!!

NOTE Straight Lads Spanked is currently on hiatus and only available on a streaming only basis to new members, however, Kevin’s Bubble Bath Blues is available at Clips for sale, by Clicking HERE or by mouse spanking Kevin’s Naughty Bare Bottom above


Straight Lads Spanked at Clips4Sale

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Andrew B
Andrew B
3 years ago

Thanks. Public service stuff from you. Keep em coming so we can keep on…

3 years ago

Thanks for this. Are Straight Lads Spanked still going/doing updates? My favourite on their site is Christian.

Bastinado Boy
Bastinado Boy
3 years ago

So good it’s astounding! An always handsome lad. Classic and unforgettable. His best. Second best is “”Wait till Your Father Gets Home.” So cool that Dave kept Kevin’s glorious butt wet for the entire duration. Return soon Straight Lads! My recent favorite model there is hot Josef!!

3 years ago

Hi Ward

I did have an off and on membership to SLS a couple of years ago , i never renewed it as they stopped previews on the site so couldn’t see if there was any new videos with my type (cocky , round arsed masculine lads)

Kevin was a favourite of mine too , surly and with a gorgeous arse I doubt he was ever spanked before and was sorely in need

Josh also a favourite less cocky but huge round arse and cute lad next door look… The studio always manages to go the extra mile to get a good believable performance out of many of the models

Some studios , who I’ll not mention by name, let the models lay across their knees like a sack of spuds and barely illicit a response

3 years ago

Please upload your last two spankings you recorded last year. They are still unavailable…

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hi, thanks for the comment. I have spoken to the owner of Straight Lads Spanked who tells me he will try to add the films at Clips4Sale next week