More Sauna Spanking: At Bottom Line

Sauna Spank: Alex

Alex is next up for punishment for staying past closing time at the campus fitness center sauna. After getting his bum smacked and paddled, he then goes over one knee, with Aiden on the other for an extra reminder.


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Sauna Spank: Alex


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  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    Ironically, his whole career while excellently employed as eminent school staffer, honourably-retired headmaster Hector never thought of it as work, but(t) a blessed calling, ‘paterna(istica)lly proud’ of his part in preparing proper, prosperous private and professional prospects for puerile pupil-pups, as ‘patient’ preceptor and pitiless pantless-puerile-penitent-posterior-punisher of poor performances and plenty of petty peccadilloes. Seriously sadistic-spankophile-streak-spoiled as such, steadily seeing a splendid supply of students shyly stripping serially to surely suffer ‘sound’ or savagely-severe spanking-sessions in strict Sir’s scare-of-scarlet-swatted-seat-stirred-seed-shaft-stiffening-spelling study, the severe spanker steadily slipped into subtle savouring of specific, superiorly-sexy student-subjects of his stern submissively-stripped-scared-stiff-shivering-squirts-scarlet-seat-smashing secret-sadist-streak.
    ‘Sadly sent to pasture’, Sir still savours seeing such selected studmuffin-students semi-stripped as sauna-staffer, sometimes seeing sexier skin as they sloppily shuffle stripling-towel-slipping, somewhat sad such shapely students-sterns ‘screaming for sound scarlet-smacking‘ systematically stayed spank-free. Actively agonizing absolutely-abject, all-attire-abandoned Aiden’s adolescent arse assuredly awakes it all at-once, also as appetizer for the absolutely-acing aspiration: Alex, the anatomically-angelic all-AAs-adolescent avoiding about any other arse-agony apart from coach’s collective CP. He can’t just pick on the poor pup purely for his private pounder-pleasure, so deadly-determined to enjoy more of Alex’s amazing angel-arse, comes up with a plan to multiply the brats’ bare-bottom-beatability. Alex also being on a pingpong – and several other ‘minor’ teams, which have no proper regular coaching rosters, he convinces the headmaster to register each such team for sauna use and impose an obligatory initiation program with ‘preventive posterior punishments’, tested first on Aiden -who is only swimmer- where each new member -knaves join on individual invitation throughout terms, as there’s no tournament calendars- first sees Alex -designated as sole known suspect to ‘spread the sins’- getting it good on underpants/swimwear and the bare, then must strip to go over Sir’s other knee simultaneously, with a ‘warm waywardness warning’ that teammates who ‘play dirty together’ will ‘pay with their hinie-hides heightened helplessly he-hood-heeded together’, lined-up bare-balls for appropriate attribute(s) and ending up over Sir’s knees. Hector manages to convince his successor knaves’ memories are short, hence the painful process must be repeated each term, on each team, enough times to tender-tan the top-twink’s tempting tail about four times a week, re-shuffling Kim’s turns to days Alex isn’t on the mean menu, reason to implement-hit him longer as he’s not nearly as much fun OTK, while the angelic arse is a shame to hurt too hard, so suffers longer during the session but(t) less afterward, luckily as he couldn’t keep his grades up unable to sit down so often on accounting of obediently-offered-orb-ordeals.
    Alex is actually grateful when his happy humble-hound-hider Hector also convinces the incumbent headmaster to exempt all-AAs-students like him from CP (except for individual grave faults, which he never makes), which is frequently imposed collectively, with whole/halve classes bending over for leather or wood from any staffer ad lib, albeit strict Sir also copies copiously the ‘preventive posterior paining’ practice with everyone lining-up to drop all on ankles in his – or his deputy’s office and line its walls hands-on-head after every holiday. At home too, his abject angel-arse is fairly safe from being up for attribute-applied-ache while his grades remain high, except for ‘maintenance’ over the paternal knee to ‘remember his place’ at the start of every weekend or holiday, the hairbrush kept in sight as rear-raw-reddening-risk-reminder just in case he gets an under-A or any complaint, which are equally rare.