More Spanking From East Europe Boys (Part 2 of 2)

The second three of six video clips from regular contributor East Europe Boys at

Spanking Boys Video

Spanking Army Boys: 0195 Army (Part 2)

The new recruit, continues to submit to his first punishment in army with a more vigorous and painful spanking by hand, on the butt and on the thighs, first kneeling on a chair, and then over the marshal’s knee.



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Double Vision (Strapping Ass)

The two twin brothers, are strapped with the leather strap and spanked by hand kneeling side by side, on their naked asses. The two twin brothers can go to prepare lunch while remaining naked.







Feet Bastinado Boys


Spanking Boys Video


Spanking: Twins (part 4)

Alessandro is spanked with a leather belt followed by a vigorous and painful spankings by hand over the master and his brother’s knees.






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