Sting: A Hard Spanking for Robin in “A Little Respect”

A Little Respect

A hard hitting Robin Palmer solo with the boy himself as cheeky as ever. This time he plays Stephens, a college student, who has gone far to far and deliberately hurled a basket ball into the face of his Coach.

The arrogant young brat needs bringing down a peg or two and is sent off to the Principle (Marco) who knows exactly how to deal with him, and tell him so!

The result of his reckless action will be to receive a good long spanking, firstly over the knee in the traditional style for a naughty boy.


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Then the young scamp is spanked in the revealing and embarrassing wheelbarrow position.


The Principle is tired of the lads insolence and intends to leave his mark. Stephens keeps up his defiant attitude right till the end but soon wishes he hadn’t.







Stephens is left with the very red, and very sore bottom he deserves. He will think about this for the rest of the day, especially when he tries to sit down!


This is hard firm spanking action the ever deserving Robin just as we all like it!!.



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