Jonathon – The Jaffa Cake Crook

Staring Jonathon

On a cold winter’s morning Jonathon’s kindly father returns home looking forward to enjoying some Jaffa Cakes, his favourite orange and sponge filled treats. However, when he gets to the cupboard he finds only a single cake remains from a previous large stock.There is, of course, only one suspect, the handsome but incorrigible Jonathon, whom Dad soon discovers greedily devouring the tasty cakes.


Once challenged, the naughty boy, at first denies any guilt but the evidence is overwhelming. Punished both for his greed and his lies, the lad is punished across the seat of his jeans, his underpants and, of course, his bare, pink, and very tender bottom.




 It all ends in tears, as a well spanked Jonathon tidies away the empty Jaffa cake packets before gingerly rubbing his very sore and justly punished bottom.

4 Responses to Jonathon – The Jaffa Cake Crook

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Would love to see Jonathan tell his dad where to go really give some attitude.

  2. YES JONATHAN!!!! more of him on this site please!!!

  3. This video is as hot as hell! I would love to meet Jonathon.