CP4Men:Soccer Discipline! Featuring Ashley

CP4Men: Soccer Discipline! Featuring Ashley

OTK Hand Spanking! Hairbrush Spanking! Belt Spanking! Wheelbarrow Spanking!

Ashley has been caught smoking and the coach is not happy so decides to teach Ashley very good lesson! He starts with an over the knee spanking on his shorts ………


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which soon come down to reveal his amazing bottom!

Ashley hand keeps coming up to try and stop his bottom from being spanked so to stop this happening the coach decides to adopt the wheelbarrow position.

Next its back over the knee for 12 with the hairbrush. Ashley has been here before and knows the routine and says “One spank on my bottom sir” and then raises his bottom and says “ready” to receive the next stroke. To make sure he has learned his lesson Ashley bends over the ball to receive 12 with the belt after which he is told to go to the showers and get changed-he then gets changed into his “other” uniform!

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