Bl###y Cadets : At Bottom Line

Bloody Cadets: Lousy Bets

After being late for morning flag raising, Cadets Alex and David have been assigned the task of chopping wood. Lt. Jackson Ng isn’t amused when the duo continue to goof off: betting money on Frisbee and even comparing muscles…

(No actual blood!)


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Bloody Cadets: Lousy Bets


Title 2257

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9 months ago

Academically amazing all-AAs air-cadet Alex enjoys special status at this small Airforce academy outpost as the post CO’s unofficial right hand, doing most of the routine paperwork, so Sir can enjoy actually training and generally handling the cadet boys, including baring and beating brat butts at his (frequent, far from fair at times) pleasure, which never includes Alex for real, he just goes over captain’s knee ceremonially to have his bare behind patted ‘dusted off’ on rare occasions, or too long between two actual squirt spankings. Among such most often, David’s bottom-scores constantly get him assigned to extra chores daily and permanently as captain’s boodle-boy, almost guaranteeing his beneath-B-brat-bottom to be bared and beaten by boss’s boot, belt, beechwood-paddle or even birch.
It’s one of those rare occasions, and the first since Alex become clerical trustee cadet: the captain has to leave the post, for a week fulfilling various duties at the academy HQ, hence officially hands his command temporarily to a deputized lieutenant from HQ, now Jackson – as it’s also his first time, interim Sir is clueless about the realities behind the regulation ‘paper battle order’, as captain had no time to brief him properly due to a schedule speedup. David is late for the flag salute as he is for about everything, Alex only because he had no idea the lieutenant expected him there now, instead of checking and handling various daily-incoming clerical routine stuff.
Once the other cadets are off for morning cross country run and physical exercises routine, the Stars-&Stripes-salute-sub-standard soldier-squirts-pair is assigned all morning chores, all-too-well-known to dunce-dogsbody David, so Alex naively takes his cue from him, utterly unaware that’s a sure way to get way behind and pay with their bared behinds being bountifully blistered for foppish flaws in execution to deliberately-absurdly-strict academy standards, meant more to instil military discipline than actual skills. Alex was raised traditionally in a military family: always unconditionally obedient, no backtalk at pain of a woodshed flogging, so he simply submits to scolding Sir’s stripping, smacking and swatting sentence silently, same as senior Sir’s sometimes-senseless softy spankings, solely seriously-severer.
When the CO returns, Alex will go OTK all-on-ankles on account of his routine tasks atypically fulfilled late, but(t) once Sir learns how it happened, he’ll have him back in uniform, attending David and Jackson’s double dose hidings, receiving a standing order exempting him from chores and CP by any interim, plus permanent permission to impose both on David as he sees fit.
Jackson learns a valuable lesson: to do his homework before assigning any to inferiors, and is allowed to ‘pass on’ his pink-to-purple-posterior-paining to defrocked dufus David, dose doubled-again, before returning to HQ, where his strict, spankophile superior shall surely swiftly spot him sitting sorely-sensitively, hence  orders him after every shift to drop trou for a good long ride OTK to that major’s pervy pleasure, hence the outpost gets a good report from him anyway.