CP4Men: Late On Parade! Featuring David

CP4Men: Late On Parade! Featuring David
Its been 3 weeks in a row that this private has been late on parade so it’s time for some discipline to take place. Embarrassing though it may seem this private is due for some over the knee spanking. And to make absolutely sure he learns his lesson he’s given an extra 12 strokes of the paddle on his bare bottom! One sir thank you sir!


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9 months ago

David interesting to see him around again he looks well but obviously a lot older I think he is older than me by a few years he must to be pushing 35/36 maybe wow time passes. David has made some great spanking videos especially the ones from DadsBoyz which are his best IMO (I think the man who made those clips with David passed some years back) but they where good hard long HAND SPANKING videos of great quality in terms of the action and discipline.