BBFC: Meet Jason

BBFC: Meet Jason

Jason is not just a rough tough guy, he’s also a show-off and likes to brag. This all adds up to a brat that needs a serious spanking, and that’s just what he gets. *


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WARNING: This video is more severe than we usually see from BBFC – Viewer discretion is recommended

This is a good session for him and starts off with the paddle, the first few swats have him up and walking around, doing what you will see in future clips is a habit of his of playing with himself. The bat also makes an appearance and makes a good impression on him. Being the showman he is half way through he is wandering about and does a back flip to show off.


The final set is with the cane to end this debut clip. Rest assured Jason gets spanked often and hard as we will see in coming weeks.



5 Responses to BBFC: Meet Jason

  1. This model is hot it’s nice to see new models I get fed up seeing the same faces at other studios but the forest setting it’s boring and implements are boring. I also don’t like the severity this content is taking on and how every post has to have a WARNING that’s worrying I don’t know who is filming these but the set-up is very odd and I’m not sure how involved BBFC actually are but I am worried the severity these are heading.

  2. This site is so baldy slow it’s painful to use nothing loads it’s really becoming unusable.

  3. These new models are SO cute. Is there any chance any of these super hot guys will be in BBFC-style spanking clips? I mean the over the knee, not brutal clips that this studio usually makes? I’d love to know. I would buy anything like that with these new models but these severe, all-implement, outdoor clips are not for me at all. I’m usually a big fan of this studio and buy almost all their OTK clips. Fingers crossed this is just a phase. Anyone have any information? Thanks!

  4. BBFC are based in Prague AFAIK, &, judging by the accents, this new venture is based in South Africa, so I doubt any closer crossover is likely, unless Gymboy decides to pay a home visit to Cologne (his accent suggests he’s been away a long time) & can be prevailed on to take a diversion to Prague (here’s hoping).

    Like the others I’d prefer indoor settings (preferably more of them dressed up as punishments) but recognise that this top seems to have his own modus operandi, so may not be susceptible to change.

    BBFC actually used to be much more severe (see the recently re-released Vin clip in their back catalogue on Clips4Sale for example), so this may represent a return to form in different market conditions (South Africa as the new Prague?). These are probably at the upper limit for my tastes, but I’m generally more influenced by how distressed the model appears (I am NOT a fan of uncontrolled sobbing or even tears – bravely taking their medicine while still showing how much it hurts is more my thing). Admittedly the lack of facial reactions late in Gymboy’s clips leaves the question there more open than I’d like, but perhaps they could be persuaded to include more of these in future clips?

  5. A very good looking young man – definitely showing an attitude – getting a decent thrashing for it outdoors… makes for great viewing and good start to the day!