Coming Soon from Brett Stevens – Builders in Trouble

 Builders in Trouble will be a treat for those of us who like to see big beefy guys on the sore bottomed end of a humiliating bare bottom spanking.  Here’s the beefcake who get their beefy bare bottoms spanked, hard!!

Staring Andy and Bailey, seen here with Brett.

In Part 1, two builders Andy and Bailey have been turning up late on the building site. Old Mr Smith who runs the company is at the end of his tether so he gives them an ultimatum. Go and visit Mr X to get disciplined or get sacked…
The result is two str8 builder mates having the humiliation of getting a hard bare bottom spanking in front of each other!

One thing is for sure it is unlikely that either Andy or Bailey will be turning up late, or sitting down on the job much, in future!!
Builders in Trouble will be released in Brett Steven’s Store shortly

More details of Builders get spanked will be posted here soon


UPDATE – Builders in Trouble is now on sale at Brett’s store 

3 Responses to Coming Soon from Brett Stevens – Builders in Trouble

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    damn what i would give to see those boys getting dragged by their ears

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    this is what i’ve been waiting for. A chance to see some real built guys getting spanked! Where can I get this movie from?

  3. Parts 1 and 2 will be available from Brett Stevens studio shortly, I will post an announcement when it is.

    I will also suggest ear pulling to the director for a future scene