Brett’s Brother Spanked

First Brett’s older brother Paul became the first of the great StingLads, followed by Brett himself, and now their brother Danny becomes the third member of the family to be spanked on film  

Brett’s brother Danny has been snooping in Brett’s room again.
Not only does he find Brett’s stash of porn ……

…but he also finds that is where Brett hides his cash, which Danny quickly slips in his pocket ..

He then begins to enjoy his brother’s porn supply …..

Brett catches Danny in his bedroom, with his trousers round his ankles playing with himself whilst whilst looking through Brett’s dirty mags. He also realises that Danny has pocketed Brett’s money!

Danny has to make a decision. Get spanked by his brother or Brett tells Dad! Danny soon finds himself over Brett’s knee getting a hard hand spanking! Ouch!

On his jeans …..
On his pants …..

Then bare!

Danny will stay out of Brett’s room in future …..!!

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2 Responses to Brett’s Brother Spanked

  1. While both beautifully-boyish Paul and burlier Brett be by birth becomingly-butt-baring ‘bad boys’, model-made marvellously-macho meekly-mounted-man-mounds-martyrs, hornily-heeded heavenly-hunkee-hidees,
    Danny, low-likeness, lacks the lovely-lickable-lads’ looks and ‘lowly-lewdness-louts’-lower-limbs-laceration-liveliness, looking lazier, lanky, lukewarm!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Brett’s Brother’ bare blushing bottom
    breathtakingly beautiful: buttocks to
    behold and beat from the beginning.