Builders in Trouble (Part 1) – now at Brett Stevens store

Builders In Trouble has now been released by Brett Stevens

Video Trailer

Builders in Trouble! 

Builders Andy & Bailey are two best mates who work as builders for Old Mr Smith.. Their attitude sucks and they have often been turning up late of work. Mr Smith has had enough and gives them a choice. Either they get sacked…. or they pay a visit to the notorious local spanker Mr X! These two muscled labourers have no idea how bad it is going to be… They certainly never imagined the humiliation of getting spanked in front of each other… the initial carefree attitude soon turns to nervous giggles. The embarrassment of having their underwear removed and having their bare bottoms spanked is clear to see! 

Brett says: 

Hey! It’s Brett here! I’m so excited to present to you real life best friends Andy and Bailey. This film was their first ever CP shoot. There were no practice shots. What you are seeing is two str8 lads receiving their first ever spanking, filmed exactly as it happens. Real spanks. Real reactions! I hope you enjoy

21 Responses to Builders in Trouble (Part 1) – now at Brett Stevens store

  1. I’d love to see Baily slippered

  2. Well I have a feeling you may well get your wish in Part 2 of Builders Get Spanked when young Bailey does indeed get slippered!

    Mr X

  3. Avatar Slipper Daddy
    Slipper Daddy says:

    Can’t wait for part 2 – when’s it out?

    These guys are both great, Love to see more of them. And younger guys getting slippered too

  4. These two would be good as burglars or some sort of criminals who get caught committing a crime. They are both on parole for earlier crimes and face lengthy prison sentences if Mr X calls the police.

    Mr X gives them a choice, prison or a good hiding!

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Are they both wearing boxers?

  6. Yes, I think so. They do both seem to be wearing boxers, if you look at both sets of pictures you can see one is wearing blue striped boxers and the other blue checked boxers.

  7. I watched earlier. Its one to treasure, you can tell the guys playing the builders are embarrassed by what is happening (and it hurts)

  8. Hi Slipper Daddy! So good news is that in Part 2 you will see both Andy and Bailey take a rather hard slippering… You will have to wait a few weeks for this though. Scheduled release date is February 8th…

  9. Hey Tadeus! I like your ideas! What kind of hiding do you think Mr X should dish out?

  10. Anonymous – Yes they were both wearing boxers. The loose baggy kind…. I can also give you a bit of inside information about where Bailey’s were bought his from!…………. Primark!

  11. Hey Rubin! Glad to hear that you watched the whole clip and enjoyed it! They really were embarrassed about getting spanked by a bloke. having your boxers pulled down and going over another mans knee is a big step for a straight guy.. and also you are quite correct in that it did hurt! It was a real and proper spanking!!! They are tough guys though!

  12. Boxers suit the builder image, but it would be hot to see their butts spanked in tight white briefs

  13. Hi Otto..

    I’ll bear that in mind. I’m sure tight, white briefs should be fine. Do you mean like boxer briefs or more like pants?

    Mr X

  14. Hi, I mean pants or maybe you call them “briefs”, like these

    Or run the words Tighty Whities through Google images and you’ll get the idea.

  15. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    They would look good getting it over boxerbriefs too…

  16. Any chance of seeing these hunks naked? They could be two football players spanked naked and wet from the shower.

  17. Judging from the page views, this post, and the earlier one with the pictures are among our most popular postings, right up there with anything from Sting or Jonathan.

    It seems that Jock Spankers have a taste for British beef!

  18. Hey Otto! Thanks for the link. I like your thinking and I’ll certainly bear that in mind if there are any further shoots with Andy & Bailey

  19. Oh and Jock Butt Kicker. I also agree that it would be such a shame to have guys with such great bodies and not show them off! If there are any more shoots with Andy & Bailey I’ll discuss it with Brett & see if we can get some more flesh on film!

  20. Wow Ward!

    It’s great to hear how popular it all is! It was a gamble using a different look of model and it seems to have paid off! 🙂

    I know Brett really appreciates your support on here too..

  21. These two are handsome, but they would be better as spankers, I prefer younger guys