Brett Belts Billy

Brett Belts Billy:  Billy is a slob! and like most straight boys, he needs to be taught a lesson

19 year old Billy’s room is a mess.

He also refuses to clean the kitchen
 He also happens to be renting a room room from Brett Stevens! Big Mistake! 

 Brett comes home to find the flat is in a right mess!
 Billy doesn’t seem to care, and appears to find it amusing

So Brett decides to give Billy a bit of what Brett receives most days

 Billy gets shoved against the wall as Brett removes his belt and proceeds to spank his young bottom!

  Brett delivers hard
Billy has had enough by the time Brett tell him to remove his jeans. Leaning against the wall, Billy gets his bottom thrashed!
Of course the underwear gets removed and Billy is standing there, totally naked getting his bottom bruised! 

Brett finally finishes and Billy goes back to his messy room and soothes his tender bottom….

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This was the first time that Billy had ever received the belt and Brett really dished it out hard! If you enjoy real straight lads getting belted you with love this!

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2 Responses to Brett Belts Billy

  1. Nice video and very good spanked boy.

  2. thanks schboy! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂