Sting: Video Preview for “Far Too Chilled”


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3 Responses to Sting: Video Preview for “Far Too Chilled”

  1. Avatar Teacherman
    Teacherman says:

    Ahhhh, Finn…. Sigh… couldn’t you just put that lad over your knee and spank him all night long?!

  2. WOW!!! It looks as though Christmas has come early for Marco as well! I’m not so sure about for young Finn, as I really don’t know how he feels about getting his bottom smacked! Maybe somebody on the Sting team can enlighten us?

    I truly hope that Marco appreciates what a lucky, LUCKY man he is to be able to lay this drop-dead gorgeous young lad over his knee and spank him! Knowing that the boy will stay put, bent over until Marco has finished dealing with him! What I’d give to change places with Marco! I would say that I’d give my right arm, but as I smack naughty boys’ bottoms with my right hand, that wouldn’t make an awful lot of sense, haha!

    I know that it is bad for discipline to let boys think you’re feeling sorry for them while they are being punished, whether they are receiving corporal punishment or ‘moral’ punishment, but I couldn’t help feeling a sneaking sympathy for Finn when it became clear that Marco was going to lay the leather belt across the lad’s naked buttocks! The belt has a long and honourable history as an instrument of punishment – there is evidence of its use in Ancient Rome to discipline errant youngsters! As well as being a very traditional implement of chastisement, it is, in the right hands, a fearsome one – very painful and very effective, as Finn’s reactions to being belted and the welts across his bum plainly testify! I vividly remember its fearful caresses when I’d been especially naughty and my guardian felt I needed more than a slippering (though his slipperings were awesome punishments in themselves)! I recall how I stood, bent over the dining-room table with my trousers down while my uncle thrashed my bottom, often laying on up to two dozen lacerating strokes! And if you think that two dozen smacks don’t sound like such a lot to take, try getting an older and bigger man to take your trousers down, bend you over in your pants and give you twenty-four lashes across your backside with a thick, heavy leather belt! The humiliation alone was well-nigh unbearable! I never got it on the bare bottom, thankfully – it really was bad enough getting it on my underpants!

    Which brings me very nicely to the matter of the boxer-briefs Finn is wearing for this smacking! Black, my favourite colour for spankingwear after 1) royal-blue and 2) navy-blue, and the perfect length for punishment! And what particularly interests me is the brand name ‘Pull & Bear’. We have not seen a boy wearing this brand of briefs at Sting or at any other spanking studio that I am acquainted with. However, one of my own naughty boys wears ‘Pull & Bear’ briefs too – he and Finn are the only two lads I’ve ever come across who wear them. I love the brand name! While ‘Pull & Bear’ make other articles of clothing than underwear, on the waistband of a pair of underpants the logo is very suggestive of a not-so-subtle play on words that sounds like an invitation to pull a boy’s pants down and bare his bottom for smacking (or for the other reason you might take a lad’s briefs down and make him bend over – see Hornet Pictures for some brilliant examples!)! And in Finn’s case, what an invitation! Not, of course, that Marco needs one!

    Thank you to the beautiful, ever-spankable young Finn, to Marco the Merciless and to the Sting team for the most lovely, spanky, palm-tingling video, with many of my favourite elements: coloured underpants, boxer-briefs, shirtlessness, the leather belt and lotk, i.e. ‘laid over the knee’ (as opposed to just ‘otk’ – ‘ over the knee’) – those dread words that, when I’d been naughty, my guardian always used to inform me that I was going to be bent over his knee in my briefs and spanked – well and truly spanked with his hard size-13 slipper!

    A superb boner-maker of an early Christmas present and a fantastic addition to my collection!!