BBFC: Viktor Don’t Forget

BBFC: Viktor Don’t Forget

Viktor goes to leave the house without wearing his face mask, that’s a big fine if he is caught. Ryan sets about showing the lad the difference between a good memory and a fine.



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Grabbing a chair and bend Viktor over it he spanks some sense into the lad. Bending over the chair makes Viktors jeans stretch tight over his ass and makes each swat count. Thin figure hugging underwear also offer little or no protection form the lesson he is getting.


A good bare ass finale and Viktor now knows that he must remember to wear his mask at all times when leaving the house.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I have to say that in all my dealings with boys, I do tend to find them very scatterbrained and disorganised. Of course, spanking is a very powerful incentive to them to change their ways, though it does seem that it takes longer for the lesson to get through to some lads than it does with others. Viktor is very definitely in this category. He’s been spanked a fair bit recently but the connection between conduct and punishment seems slow to get inside his head!

To paraphrase Wordsworth’s ‘On Westminster bridge’,

‘Earth hath not anything to show more fair
Than a young lad bending over in blue jeans!’

Whether that be bending over to retrieve a dropped article, do up his shoe-laces or assuming the bending position in order to receive a good smacked bottom! And doesn’t young Viktor just SO prove the point as Ryan makes him bend over the chair to be disciplined in the classic position adopted by myriads of schoolboys down the years for corporal punishment. A position well-known and well-remembered by the Doc!

If you thought Viktor couldn’t look any more spankable than he does bent over in those jeans as he gasps and yelps his way through what is clearly a hard spanking, wait till he has to take his jeans down so he can be smacked on his underpants! Viktor has the knack of always making a goodly selection from his pants-drawer to wear as punishment underpants and has made an excellent choice in this instance. There is something about horizontally striped underpants that really bring out the roundness of a boy’s bum, to say nothing of the fact that if he is getting the cane or the strap, the stripes provide perfect targets for laying on any Weapon of Ass Destruction! The removal of a protective layer, however scant the protection, means that the heat is turning up on young Viktor and he is feeling the pain rather more! Which is, naturally, the whole idea!

Ryan takes Viktor’s pants down, always a good thing to do with a boy while disciplining him, because it says to him, ‘You are totally in my control, young man! I’m taking your briefs down to smack your bare bottom, because I can!’ And so the spanking continues on the lad’s very bare and hairless bum, turning it a shade of pink that I think Dulux would be thrilled to replicate – ‘Blushing Bottom’ they could call it!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the jeans 94
Spanks on the underpants 166
Slaps on the bare bottom 224

The camera is in the perfect position at the end of Viktor’s punishment, as he bends down to pull up his boxer-briefs and jeans, his legs bending, causing him unconsciously to stick his bottom out in a way that – haha! well, provocative just isn’t the word! He always manages to wear an air of injured innocence after a smacking that in its own way is really rather endearing, poor lad. But boys don’t get their bottoms smacked unless they’ve been naughty and deserve it! Will Viktor have learned his lesson with this spanking? Time will tell…