BBFC: Tom Caned

BBFC: Tom Caned

When Nick turned up last time he had a friend with him, Tom. Tom watched the proceedings with interest and at the end said he would like to try and see to see if he could take it. So it was decided to use the cane for his first time to really set a high bar for him.



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He presents his ass like someone who has been spanked many times, but he says this is a first for him. I am sure his choice in underwear will be met with approval as they show him off well.*

His bare ass takes the cane well although his tan hides the stripes sadly. But a great clip for this new arrival even if he is as shy as Nick



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1 year ago

Young Tom looks like a real find! Hope we get to see a LOT more of him in the future.

Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

“Oh, my only summer hat!” ejaculated Bob Cherry! What a gloriously spankable find is young Tom! Truly an angel twink stepped straight down from the loftiest realms of Spankers’ Heaven! A beautifully youthful, boyish physique, a lovely, well-rounded and spankable bottom and eminently smackable legs! Just the most perfect BBFC material! I trust that the curiosity the lad felt on seeing young Nick getting a spanking was satisfied for him! It is a sign of our times that a young British lad can claim that he has never been spanked – no twink back in my day would ever have been able to make such a claim, and I say that with feeling! I guess it’s a reflection of changing attitudes in Britain towards spanking. If the government in England is stupid enough to follow my own beloved native Scotland and introduce a ban on smacking, it will probably make it easier to implement!

But I digress. Tom is certainly thrown in at the deep end as Tony makes him bend over for a caning for his first ever taste of corporal punishment! A traditional ‘licking’ as it was known at Greyfriars School of Billy Bunter fame! And a thrashing laid on with a thick, knobbly cane at that! My old headmaster had a saying: ‘The stouter the cane, the greater the pain!’ And boy, is it true! The gods of Spankers’ Heaven know, I was given plenty of opportunities to find out! In fact, young Tom’s caning brought some painful memories back! WOW!!!

Tom takes his punishment stoically enough, considering this is his first time bending over for a whacking! Maybe he just wants to show Nick that he can take a hiding just as well as he can – in my (extensive!) experience, boys can be as competitive about getting smacked bottoms as they can be about anything else! I can’t help agreeing with Tony that it is hard to believe that this really is the lad’s first time getting his bottom walloped – he seems to bend over so naturally into a very favourable position for discipline, a posture which, moreover, shows off the pert, cheeky curves of his buttocks to absolute perfection!

I like to think, in my conceit, that I was one of the people Tony had in mind when he suggested how much Tom’s choice of underpants would be appreciated! I don’t just appreciate the boy’s choice of punishment underpants – I LOVE them! When the errant youth first bent over, it was obvious he was wearing briefs! Wonderful! I thought, partly because it reassures me that there are still young lads out there who are happy wearing briefs (after all, at their age, you couldn’t possibly force them) and also because, although I adore the sight of a twink in a good, short, tight pair of boxers, briefs very definitely have the edge for me when it comes to spankingwear! Of course, I was sitting there thinking, ‘I wonder what colour they are!’, agog for that moment when Tom’s shorts came down! There was a reassuring glimpse of a coloured waistband, but then they can be whited sepulchres, topping off white boner-killers! When the boy’s briefs were revealed, I almost shouted out “PHWOOARR!!!” Not only coloured briefs but navy-blue briefs into the bargain – my second favourite colour for spankingwear after royal-blue! Actually, they called to mind a young internet friend of mine (strictly of age, I must point out) who used to post pictures of himself in his underpants on social media. He sent me many such pictures, and one day he cheekily asked me ‘Which pair would you most like to spank me in?’ You can see my selection below.* Very similar to Tom’s briefs, and I think you would agree, very spankable! I reckon that in Tom’s briefs, Nick’s knix have a serious rival when it comes to spankingwear! But in any case, one thing these two lads have done for us BBFC fans is give us a fair few sights of boys being smacked in briefs – a real treat for those of us who love smacking on underpants!

As Tom’s pants also came down to enable the severest part of his punishment, his tanned skin could not altogether hide the red weals across his bum that were left by the cane – the sure sign that the hard discipline that has been laid on has left its mark – in every sense of the expression! Thank you so very much, BBFC, for a video that has gone straight into my ‘Favourites’ file!

Just one plea – please, please, PLEASE! could we see Tom laid over the knee and spanked? Preferably in that same pair of briefs?! I would also reiterate my call to see Tony’s cane laid across Nick’s bottom – preferably while he wears school uniform and has a pair of dark-coloured briefs on?