BBFC: Terry Gets a Paddling

BBFC: Terry Gets a Paddling

Only a few days into the New Year and already Terry is in trouble. He has to go OTK and get a paddling. This slight lad is always up to something and it’s no wonder he is always looking at the carpet getting his rear end tanned.



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No matter what he says or think his jeans are soon down and his black underwear is getting the treatment. The paddle makes a wonderful thwack as it lands on his ass.



A lovely bare ass paddling finishes off this session for Terry and even though he looks a down hearted you just know he will be back.



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

As I prepared to fire up my computer this morning, I thought: I wonder which cheeky, spankable young BBFC lad is going to be getting his bottom smacked today? And, I thought, what I would really love to see would be young Terry laid over the knee for a smacked arse! So imagine my delight when I found that that was exactly what was happening – BBFC must have read my mind!

The odd thing about Terry is that he doesn’t look like a naughty boy – I’ve always thought that he looked as if he’d be quiet, well-behaved and even studious. But, of course, when I was in the noble teaching profession, it was a well-known maxim that ‘it’s the quiet ones you have to watch’! And this young scamp most certainly does need watching – or he wouldn’t be here, laying over Theodor’s knee, getting a spanking!

I honestly think this is one of the spankiest, most boner-making videos I’ve seen Terry in! His perky, cheeky bottom looks so pert in those off-white trousers, especially when Theodor is pulling them tight with his fingers hooked round the boy’s belt! There is something about the look of the material they’re made from that truly makes my fingers itch! At first, Terry seems to be taking his punishment like a man but then when he has to take his trousers down (and I notice that he takes them right down, very spankily, to his ankles) that changes! He starts to whimper as the hard, unyielding wood of the spanking paddle is applied to the seat of his briefs!

And what briefs! What a superb pair of punishment underpants! Once again, Terry’s pants-drawer has yielded up a wonderful treasure! Navy-blue Calvin Klein briefs, close fitting and in fact, giving a perfect fit for spankingwear as Calvin Klein boys’ knicks always seem to, whatever the shape or size of the boy being disciplined! However, protective they most definitely aren’t, as is evident from the way Terry’s vocal reactions to getting spanked increase dramatically from the moment he starts getting smacked on his underpants! And when the unhappy youth’s briefs, too, come down, it is obvious from the deep pink marks right around his very bare bottom that a spanking with a paddle is no light matter! Theodor is one of those bottom-smackers who surely know their job, whether they’re using their hand or an actual Weapon of Ass Destruction!

When the errant lad’s ordeal at last comes to an end he straightens up off Theodor’s knee and we can see how he isn’t always the quickest about pulling up his underpants and trousers and making good his escape from his scene of pain and punishment! He pays for his tardiness this time with a last SMACK! across his bare bum with the paddle as he bends over to pull up his briefs and trousers! OWW!! It was thrilling to see him get one good final reminder that there is plenty more where ‘that’ came from!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the trouser-seat 76
Smacks on the pants 162
Smacks on the bare bottom 46

A short spanking by BBFC standards but, judging by our Terry’s reactions to it, an intense one! With my first love being boys getting smacked on their underpants, it was the cat’s ass to see that more than half this spanking was laid on over Terry’s briefs! This is especially true because it is rare to see a lad smacked in briefs on Jock Spank or any other boys’ corporal punishment site, and also because Terry has that combination of being both a committed wearer of coloured underpants and of briefs together! While we have seen him in a pair of skimpy black boxer-briefs, I don’t think we have ever seen him wearing white boner-killers! Long may it continue!

All boxes ticked and a fantastic start to the weekend! Thank you, Terry, Theodor and all at BBFC! Cliff van Spanking Ph.D.