BBFC: Tavvi Hoisted

BBFC: Tavvi Hoisted

An OTK standing up with one leg raised is not seen that often but it is a great position to get a lad in. They have to stand on tip toe and that adds to the stress as they try to keep balance, makes nice tight butt muscles as well.


Ryan gets his leg just the right height for Taavi and lad has to work to stay put as his rear gets a spanking.


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As Ryan works his way down to the lads underwear it is clear that this is a great way to show off any lad, and as Taavi has a super little butt it looks even better. dark boxers as a contrast to the forest adds something to the clip.



By the time he has had his bare ass spanked its no wonder that he grabs his clothes and scampers off at speed .





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I know I’m well behind with a comment here, but I particularly wanted to say something about this clip, because, just as I thought young Taavi couldn’t get any more spankable, we find him bent over the raised knee for a good smacked bottom, the ‘best of both worlds’ position, as I call it (possibly the worst of both worlds for the boy being disciplined!). I think of it that way because it combines the excruciating humiliation of being laid over the knee with being well and truly bent over – and it’s a hard position to stay in (painful experience talking there, blogspankers!).

The combination of short, clingy black boxer-briefs and well-worn blue jeans is always a winner for me! And of course, Taavi has to take his punishment yet again from Ryan, who is never one to hold back when laying on a spanking!

As Taavi scampers off to disappear into the forest yet again, perhaps to be summoned from its sylvan depths the next time he needs to be punished, I wonder where he goes. Perhaps to find some woodland-dwelling wizard who can administer a magic salve to his smarting bottom…