Spanking College Boy Pepa

Pepa RO

Pepa is a new student and not being from around the area is in need of a place to stay, he decides to take up the master offer that he can stay at his place and in return for this he will take care of maintaining the master’s place. The master explains that he expects him to follow the house rules and that when he does not, he will get a spanking for not doing so. Pepa had accepted these terms but is surprised when the master immediately wants to give him a spanking just for fun. Grabbing hold of Pepa by his ear the master drags Pepa along with him to retrieve a wooden spoon from the kitchen to be used as the first tool to punish him with, The master administer a good spanking to him, both while in his boxers and then on his bare buttocks and his thighs. Pepa’s ordeal continues with the master also using a leather paddle, leather strap and his hands while in a few positions on Pepa’s ass and thighs. Pepa also gets to do pushups and jumping jacks.



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WARNING Video Preview : Although we were supplied with the video preview for this release, we have decided that it is too severe to appear on JockSpank. At the viewers own discretion the the trailer can be downloaded from Spanking Boys video here

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2 years ago

Pepa Ro another Czech lad doing the rounds, that red top gave it away. Isn’t that Taavi from BBFC ? That is deffo one heavy pasting from a very eager top.

2 years ago
Reply to  Clive

It all comes down to RESPECT doesn’t it personally I wouldn’t push a model on their first spanking clip to the point of tears well he did cry didn’t he not great for a first introduction these are models who are earning money and respect should go both ways this top isn’t someone is ever purchase content from however I like some of his ideas!!