BBFC: Petr Paddled OTK

BBFC: Petr Paddled OTK

A requested clip to see this cheeky looking lad paddled OTK. Wearing jeans he come sin with that grim that says he has a mischievous streak Peter goes straight OTK.




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Dimitri lays the paddle on well from the start, the jeans he is wearing fit tightly and offer almost no protection to his rear end. he has to drop these of course and the figure hugging boxers show off his cute little butt, making it an idea target for the paddle.



Like all lads he needs a bare ass paddling as well and he takes this well. A super paddling for Petr.




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

It seems to me that this clip is all about attitude adjustment – and woefully necessary attitude adjustment at that!

What does young Peter think is going on?! In he comes, grinning all over his cheeky, puck-like face as though being disciplined was a matter for amusement! Well, young man, Dimitri is just the fellow to show you that getting your bottom smacked is no joking matter! You might find it entertaining for a moment or two – what a laugh, eh, getting spanked at your age!

And what swifter way to take a cheeky boy down a peg than by laying him over the knee! I know if I was getting too big for my boots when I was around Petr’s sort of age, laying me over the knee was a sure-fire way to make me realise very rapidly that that was not at all the way to conduct myself- and that was before any smacks were actually laid on across my bottom!

It does not take long for the lesson to start getting through to this young imp and by the time the moment comes for him to take his jeans down, the insolent grin has well and truly vanished. His ineffectual attempts to protect his bottom speak volumes about how the punishment is taking its proper effect – the ear-pulling clearly hurts, too and only adds to the boy’s humiliation! I remember only too well the deeply humbling sensation that it added to the pain and embarrassment of a spanking!

Another highly appropriate choice of spankingwear – whether or not selected specially for the purpose from Petr’s pants-drawer! Smackably tight boxer-briefs and, my word, the colour! Purple underpants are a rarity at BBFC, though we have, of course, just seen one of the young rascals from Stingpictures wearing a pair of purple boxer-briefs recently. After, in order of preference, royal-blue, navy-blue and black, purple is one of my next most favourite spankingwear colours!

Funny how details about a particular boy can occasionally slip your mind, and I have to confess that it had slipped my mind about those hairy buttocks of Petr’s. Again, we don’t see that too often on BBFC or indeed at Jock Spank at all – nearly all the lads have smooth and hairless bottoms, so Petr’s hirsute hindquarters make an interesting change! Over-active hormones I’m told is the explanation. The black of the hairs contrast sharply with the red glow emanating from Petr’s well-spanked bottom and I’m sure there’s going to be one naughty young man sleeping on his tummy tonight – no doubt a sadder and sorrier boy. Perhaps a wiser one as well – although let’s hope, not for too long!