BBFC: Panos Messed Up

BBFC: Panos Messed Up

Seems like Panos never gets the idea that if he was to behave he would find life a lot less painful. Instead he always seems to mess up and find himself in line for a spanking.*

This time he is OTK for a paddling and maybe this time he will finally get the hint and behave.



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He looks good in his shorts and the warm up sets the pace, the shorts come down and his black underwear show him off well and the paddle works its lesson on these as well.

Of course he needs, and gets, a bare ass paddling atthe end and this should be enough to make him see the error of his ways.



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Isn’t it just the cat’s ass that young Panos ‘NEVER’ gets the idea???!!! If he did, just think about what we BBFC fans would TOTALLY miss out on???!!!

I LOVE the black boxer-briefs, coloured. in my third-favourite colour for spankingwear. after royal-blue and navy-blue!!! I’m not sure we’ve seen Panos in those black underpants before – if not, then, let them be given another airing, ‘and that right soon’, as the Bard would have put it!!

Spank on!!!

1 year ago

Panos is ultra spankable and looks so naughty. He just needs harder spanking. I big guy like him deserves more