College Boy Spanking – (No: 2 of 2) Lukas Liz – Flogging

Lukas Liz Flogging

It is Sunday morning and college student Lukas has decided not to come down from his room to have breakfast. The master decides to go looking for Lukas and finds him relaxing on the bed. The master scolds him, because even if it is Sunday, he still must come down to the dining room for breakfast. Lukas clearly needs some punishment and after stripping naked is severely punished with a leather strap and then spanked with a heavy hand while lying on the bed, all while the master tugs his ear to keep him in place. After some genital punishment, the master continues to punish Lukas with yet another leather strap, followed also by another vigorous and painful spanking by hand also while he lies on the bed. All this puts immense strain on poor Lukas’s endurance levels.



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Buck Olsen
Buck Olsen
2 years ago

He really WHIPS that kid’s butt hard!

2 years ago

There’s a lot of college & high school boys needs hard whacking. Make them feel it good & hard.