BBFC: Over the Knee for Kiran

BBFC: Over the Knee for Kiran

Here is a request to see Kiran in tight jeans OTK. A super long session on the jeans starts off the spanking, the angles capture the shape of this lads butt perfectly.


There’s something about a lad in skinny jeans that makes him more spankable.


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he light coloured underwear are next and while these are good to look at they have to go after the right number of swats.


Then we see a wonderful glowing butt, the heavy hand obviously made its mark through the long jeans spanking at the start. A super request for Kiran .





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Something that just makes this clip for me right from the start is Kiran’s obvious reluctance to come into the room and get himself laid over the knee, where I have no doubt the naughty young scallywag thoroughly deserves to be! I’m sure we can all understand it – he knows full well that Dimitri’s hard hand hurts and he clearly senses that he is properly going to get a good hiding! In which apprehension the little scamp is once again proven to be absolutely correct!

I never get tired of watching Kiran getting his pert, cheeky, well-rounded bottom well and truly smacked – and I also love to watch a boy being spanked in close-fitting faded, well-worn jeans of whatever shade! And so this clip brings two of my spanking loves together – what more could a man ask for?! Except perhaps to be sitting in Dimitri’s place with young Kiran across his own knee! The pair Kiran is wearing are so perfect – I wonder if he looked at himself behind in a mirror before he was disciplined in order to see if his bottom looked sufficiently spankable? I bet he did – I certainly would have done if I’d been in his pants!

That this is a painful punishment is clear from Kiran’s agonised facial contortions and the fact that he definitely doesn’t remain still or quiet during the spanking! Not that there is much room for wriggling around while Dimitri’s strong right arm is holding him fast! Once again, I marvel at Dimitri’s patience at letting Kiran give his bum the occasional comforting rub – not a luxury I permit with my naughty boys while I’m disciplining them, and an action for which the severity of their punishment would be majorly increased!

After well over two hundred smacks, more smacks than I recall seeing Dimitri administer before, Kiran has to stand up and take his jeans down! Always my favourite moment during a spanking. Interestingly, if a boy is going to wear striped underpants, I prefer the stripes to be horizontal, which have a way of bringing out the roundness of a boy’s behind! But I partly feel this because up to now I haven’t seen a boy wearing vertically striped boxer-briefs as smackably as Kiran wears them! WOW! And as ever, today’s selection from Kiran’s pants-drawer is a pair of briefs that are the optimum length to shape his backside for corporal punishment!

As per normal, the pants don’t stay up for ever and Kiran finds himself still looking at the floor, his smooth and hairless bottom bared for the final stage of a long and thorough smacking, already a delicious peachy pink – a nevertheless delicate pink that reminds me of a warm summer sky glowing with the embers of a richly spreading sunset (amazing how spanking can bring out the poet in a guy, internet spankers!). The difference is that the pink glow of a sore bottom that has been well spanked takes a fair bit longer to fade than a sunset! I’m sure Kiran found this to be the case after this tanning!

Finally allowed to stand up, he thinks it’s all over, but that one last sharp SMACK! on the bare bottom from Dimitri sends him scampering on his way without even the formality of pulling up his underpants! Clearly afraid he’ll get another if he hangs around, which, from what we’ve seen of Dimitri, he might well!

A thorough smacking, well laid on! As he makes his rapid getaway, Kiran is obviously thoroughly humiliated as well as feeling the severe discomfort of a smarting bottom! And well he might! If he was a sting lad he’d probably have the further humiliation of having to stand in the corner, hands on his head! Maybe a refinement BBFC might consider using on a few more of these wonderful occasions…