BBFC: Oliver Maintenance Spanking

BBFC: Oliver Maintenance Spanking

Like all lads Oliver needs a regular spanking to keep him on the straight and narrow. Teodor knows this and summons Oliver to get in here and go OTK.


He then sets about spanking him as a reminder to be good, and of course make him pay for anything he may have done since he was last spanked that has not been found out yet.


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A set on the trousers followed by a set on the underwear are sure to keep Oliver focused, but the bare ass spanking is what makes the difference and that is just what he gets. A regular spanking is a must for any lad.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I am a great believer in maintenance spankings for boys (and girls too!), and recommend that they are administered around once a week. As the commentator here rightly points out, they are a way of making sure that any naughty boy pays for undisclosed misdemeanours that he has committed over the previous seven days, as well as a short, sharp reminder of the need for good behaviour at all times! One of my concerns in the present national situation is that my naughty boys aren’t getting that regular discipline. I have sent out detailed advice about self-spanking, but I don’t know how well it is heeded and anyway, it isn’t the same as being laid over an older man’s knee for a good smacked bottom, hard and on your underpants, with a slipper! So it is good to see that the young lads at BBFC are regularly disciplined even as the virus situation is so prevalent!

Young Oliver does strike me as a boy who looks as though he needs a spanking on a regular basis! Some boys just radiate that need and if Oliver were a member of my circle of naughty lads, he’d be a frequent visitor indeed to my study for punishment!

On this occasion, his slender figure clad from head to foot, quite literally, in black, he is a walking advertisement for the fact that spankings truly are necessary for older boys! There is no messing about here, just a straightforward, over-the-knee spanking – the best kind of discipline for errant youths! I found it interesting, watching him bend over Teodor’s knee, to speculate on whether it is best to make a boy lay over your knee himself, or to take him by the wrists and forcibly pull him across your knee, thereby introducing a new measure of making the lad feel in your control! Probably both ways have their merits – I shall have to give it a bit more thought.

Faded black denim jeans do it for me every time! My only reservation about them is that denim is a rather heavier material and that pockets add somewhat to the protective covering that jeans provide over a boy’s bottom, however tightly stretched they are. I think this shows in the way that Oliver takes his punishment almost without a sound to start with, but as soon as his jeans are pulled down, his responses to being smacked become much more vocal as Teodor’s hand lands on the seat of his underpants! And what a great choice of spankingwear the boy has produced from his pants-drawer this time! Good and short and plain black – just the way I like them! The combination of black trousers and black boxer-briefs is one that has the power to transport me, floating off, to Spankers’ Heaven and back again! Teodor, I am pleased to see, does not tolerate any of this nonsense of young Oliver trying to rub his smarting bum while he is getting a spanking – something that I, too, will not stand for and any boy who tries it while he is being spanked by me will invariably end up with extra smacks – laid on extra hard, too!

It is remarkable, when Teodor pulls Oliver’s boxer-briefs down, that after just over two hundred hard smacks, the boy’s very bare bottom looks almost completely untouched! It is only when the camera moves in more closely that we can find the faintest trace of the odd pink mark on those deliciously wobbling buttocks! Some boys’ bottoms would be radiating a distinct sunset glow after two hundred spanks, but even after a further hundred plus across those sallow cheeks, there is little outward indication of the punishment that has been laid on! However, as Oliver scuttles away before even pulling his black pants up, the impression I am left with is that he has had more than enough and doesn’t wish to find himself laid back across Teodor’s knee again! Which shows that the punishment has had an effect after all! For fans of our Oliver, let’s hope the effect is a temporary one!

As I’ve mentioned numbers of smacks, I guess I ought to list today’s vital statistics:

Smacks on the jeans 120
Spanks on the pants 95
Smacks on the bare bum 124

Short, but thorough and clearly painful! Who says spanking doesn’t work?!!