Training 4 Boys – Johnny Reed

Johnny Reed – The Bill

The large bill Johnny has run up on his smartphone bill, the master angry has decided to confiscate his phone for a month as well as giving him a humiliating punishment. Johnny being shy wants to avoid being punished naked and tries running off as a solution. Given that he seemed so keen to make use of his muscles running around the master decides he should use those same muscles to do additional exercising and so has him do naked jumping jacks. Afterwards Johnny lays down over the master’s knees, and the master proceeds to spank him intensely with a heavy hand, the searing pain he feels has Johnny wriggling around intensely like an eel trying to get away from the pain. He tries more than once slipping away from the master’s firm grip, even while in the wheelbarrow position so later the master decides to hold him in place by his balls and penis, while he spanks him even harder.



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2 years ago

Love watching the struggling because it hurts!

Fit Studs
2 years ago

Damn, that just looks chaotic to me! πŸ˜€

Doctor Caine
Doctor Caine
2 years ago

I recently bought a JVC 4K camcorder having looked at the last two studios clips I am fast coming to the conclusion that all you need is a nice looking boy like Johnny a private space and away you go. Point at a perfect posterior pound away and enjoy yourself like the gentlemen obviously is here. Do Jock Spank charge to put pictures on the blog I think I’m up for it.