BBFC: Noisy Viktor

BBFC: Noisy Viktor

Ryan is having a nap when Viktor comes in and slams the door. In a flash Ryan is awake and has grabbed the lad and bent him over the bed.


Not a happy man Ryan gives Viktor a good walloping for his inconsiderate behavior starting on his jeans before getting down to the lads grey underwear.

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Ryan is so unhappy that when it comes to the bare ass spanking he sits on the lad and uses both hands to spank him. A fast and furious clip with Viktor who never seems to learn anything .







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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

If there is one thing I cannot abide, it is a noisy and inconsiderate teenager, and I think had Young Viktor come into my room and slammed the door like that, the shock alone would have made me react in much the same way as Ryan does. From the way Ryan takes Viktor in hand and smacks his bottom I’m guessing there’s a bit of a history there – clearly the door-slamming is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for Ryan, as he lays Viktor over the bed and begins to punish him!

And it is a severe punishment! It gets harder as the spanking progresses through the three stages, black trousers, smackably clingy grey boxer-briefs and the bare, hairless, cheeky bottom! Some of those smacks laid on near the end are SO hard, as Ryan sits on top of Viktor and really smacks the lad HARD!

And just when poor little Viktor thinks it’s all over, a last SMACK! lands across his bum as he tries to make his escape! Too defeated even to respond with a jump or even a wince, poor lad, he just walks on!

I dare say it won’t be too long before Viktor falls foul of Ryan’s irritable temper yet again – he can’t seem to stay out of trouble! I hope not, at any rate!

3 years ago

Hello.. Is here anybody who wants to see Ryan over Dimitri knee spanked till his ass will be red? And anybody who will tell thos plan and expectation to them who are filming it for BBFC to realize it? Please…