BBFC: Nick Shorts

BBFC: Nick Shorts

Tight shorts are a request for Nick and here he is.  Cool looking blue beach shorts show him off well, and It’s easy to see why they were requested. But looking good or not they have to come down and get him ready for the second part of the session.


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This is on the grey briefs which are a good compliment to the shorts. Nick is a slim guy and he always seems to look his best OTK so when the briefs are down he looks his absolute best. A super smooth ass that cries out for a spanking. A great clip with Nick OTK.



3 Responses to BBFC: Nick Shorts

  1. OWW!!! Much more of this and I reckon there’s a real danger of young Nick developing knee-shaped depressions in his tummy (something it’s surprising I didn’t grow up with)! But like all boys his age and build, it’s the position he looks best in for discipline! And of course, for the boy himself, it is one of the most humiliating – and believe me, that’s experience talking!

    The clip shows what I’ve always said – that however spankable boys might look in boxer-briefs, briefs have the edge when it comes to punishment underpants! And it is always somewhat boner-making to find a young lad who still wears briefs as his regular underpants, as Nick seems to – his pants-drawer evidently contains a good mixture of briefs and spankably short boxers!

    The combination of briefs and shorts does it for me every time! As does that final SMACK! of dismissal that says to a boy better than any words: “Off you go, my lad! And don’t you be so naughty in future!” Catching Nick across his underpants before he can pull his shorts up over his bum! If I had to make any suggestion about a difference to this fab little clip, it is that I would have liked Nick to be wearing some tighter briefs that sat a little more smoothly over that phenomenally smackable bottom of his. I hope that’s a constructive remark – I’m actually visualising him being laid over the knee in the black briefs with the white waistband that he wore when he had to bend over to be punished with the spanking-paddle! Possibly in combination with some short shorts, like the punishment shorts that young Philip wore in ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’ after he’d been laid over the knee and spanked by the headmaster!

    I still hope we might look forward to seeing Nick as a naughty sixth-former, summoned to the headmaster’s study to receive corporal punishment, made to bend low over the desk and thrashed with the cane! I’m guessing that BBFC’s mail-box is bursting with really spanky requests for this deliciously naughty lad, so I don’t want to be pushy about this – I just think it would go down a bomb! And an H-bomb at that!

  2. Wow now that’s a spankable ass and love his boxers! Don’t get me started on his legs leading to his ass!

    I would take my time with that boy. Every spank held down and squeezed

  3. The knaves know all too well, as a soundly-spanked stern’s simmering sting right-ruefully reminds them repeatedly, Tony is no less stickler for dress code than the strict schools they attend, just as his rods rarely rest to resoundingly restore rigid respect for the relentless related rules on laundry, wardrobe care …
    None is more perfectionist in such duties than Nick, whose guardian used to seven-sins-sally-switches-scourge him starkers for such ‘shameless suiting sacrilege’ or any semblance or suspicion of such (sometimes simply supposed!), yet is by far most often over Tony’s knee supposedly for sub-standard-sighted suit, simply as a simpleton-seeming silent Samaritan suffering spankings instead of serious suit-sinners.
    Indeed, his mates know he never dobbs when one who didn’t keep his uniform or other decent dress in due state naughtily nicks one of Nick’s, who always waits till Tony tans his trouserless tail for that before fixing the wardrobe anomaly, even when he -often- has a spare ready, piously feeling allknowing Heaven won’t be appeased without a respectfully-ragless-rebel-rear-raw-red-ravaged rascal’s rueful worm-wretched-wriggling, even if it’s not actually-appropriate attrition but an alternative absolutely-abject-adolescent-arse available for ample anal-area-agony.
    Strict Sir surely strongly suspects such spankee substitution scam scheme, yet decides not to check-up, preferring to pleasantly pound his preferred puerile pup’s piously-perfectly-perilously-presented posterior profoundly-pink, a particular privates-privacy-privating-procedure-pleasure, ‘softly’ sparing him seriously-stinging scarlet-swats-sessions savagely suiting serious siners, only ‘doubles’ the dire derriere-discipline dose and whacks those by implement on anyone actually reported for dress code violations at school or anywhere it applies, which never happens to Nick, who always leaves immaculately dressed and is also created ‘keeper of the costume-care-cur-castigation clothes-brush’, commanded to carry it and count it coming-down crossly crimson-colouring the careless cur-cones causing them to cringe and clamor contritely, cursing they coudn’t care compliantly for clothes-care.