BBFC: Matyas Short Change

BBFC: Matyas Short Change

Matyas has been to the shop and tried to be clever by spending more than he should.

Teodor is on to this and counts the change and sees that Matyas has taken quite a lot. If he had asked if it was OK to spend on a treat or two then that would have been OK but to just take it and hope not to be found out is a big no no.


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Matyas finds himself OTK getting a heavy hand spanking for his light fingered antics. Seems right to start on his jeans as he wore them to the shop, then work down to his underwear and finally to his bare ass, a long lesson is needed in this case and its just what he gets.


Looking at his face it looks like he is full of regret, which all lads are when they are caught out. I don’t think that Matyas will short change the shopping again.*


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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

There are some offences for which I believe that a boy should receive the most severe punishment possible and young Matyas’ transgression is one of them! It goes beyond simple naughtiness! If you ask me, he got off lightly just being laid over the knee and getting his bottom smacked with the hand! If he’d been one of my naughty boys he’d have had to take his trousers and underpants down and bend over the desk to receive the sting of my most supple cane across his bare bottom! And, my word, would I have made the young scamp yelp!

That said, we know Teodor to be an accomplished bottom-smacker of considerable experience in disciplining wayward youths, and it is clear as he pulls Matyas down and lays him across his knee that the lad is well and truly in for it! This is a long and hard spanking, spiced with some ear-pulling, and it is clear from Matyas’ pained expression, his whimpering and gasping with each SMACK! and the constant flinching of his legs, that the smacking is doing exactly what corporal punishment is supposed to do for a young lad in need of being very strictly dealt with!

Like all slim-built boys, Matyas looks incredibly spankable in black trousers and of course I found myself thinking about what is always the acid test for me for any spanking – what colour underpants is he wearing? A hint of a coloured waistband is full of Eastern European promise and when Teodor finally takes the lad’s trousers down it is to reveal a smackably short pair of American Eagle boxer-briefs – the perfect length for spanking, and navy-blue, my second favourite colour for spankingwear after royal-blue underpants! We can see, too, just how thoroughly smacked Matyas is being from the reddening of his sit-spot below the legs of his underpants!

Teodor is very tolerant of Matyas’ attempts to ease the pain in his smarting bottom by the occasional rubbing of his left buttock! My own naughty boys are extremely careful of doing that because they know that it is just going to get them an extra six of the best added onto their punishment! And, without being big-headed, any of them would tell you that six of the best with my slipper, cane or strap, or my hard and heavy spanking paddle is a complete punishment in its own right!

The lion’s share of the spanking being laid on over Matyas’ trousers and underpants, the hapless youngster is probably relieved when the inevitably hardest part of the punishment across his very bare bottom comes to an end comparatively quickly! I couldn’t help a smile as, when the poor lad bends over to pull up his pants and shorts, thinking it’s all over, he gets another hard SMACK! across the bare bum! Just helping to remind him that there is plenty more where that came from! And who could fail to give in to the temptation offered by a boy bending over bare-bottomed in that cheeky fashion, haha!

I’m guessing that, after being spanked the way he has been, there’s going to be one young man sleeping on his tummy tonight!

1 year ago

Matyas is just too good for this world, definitely under House rules. As sirely guest, no longer a House squirt, he’s now entitled, even expected, to be waited on hand and foot by the spankable knaves, especially his tutoring charges must unconditionally obey, on-cue obediently offering the orbs for ongoing ordeals at his (dis)pleasure as any Sir’s. Yet when he learns one of his charges is due for a shopping chore in the same mall as he used to, nearby where he has a short other tutoring job (private home, no CP), he insists to take over ‘down memory lane’, leaving the junior too perplexed to go over the exact shops, hence misses out on a less expensive one and seems to be short on change to senior Sir. To the pittiless penny-scrooge, permitting a potential pecuniary precedent is unthinkable, so rather then simply allowing the confused kid to cough up the pittancy difference in pennies, the suspected ‘petty (cash) thief’ goes OTK on the spot. As everyone must see how severely it’s dealt with, he’s ordered to report in two hours, fetching the three-tail-tawse starkers in assembly after dinner for ‘due deserts’, in a sense strict Sir seizes an great opportunity: the more senior the ‘stealing’ spankee, the more exemplary the eerily-exposed endurance’s expected effect, so he’ll be made to wait for it in position and stay exposed much longer then usual.
Awaiting the lava-livid leathering ‘larceny lesson time’ in Matthew’s room, still super-stern-senitized rubbing his reddened ‘robber-rascal-rear’, Matyas gets an apologetic visit from the charge, who witnessed the whooping and now realizes he should have prevented his preceptor’s pointless posterior-punishment-pain by proper purveyor info, spontaneously dropping all on ankles to beg on naked knees for a fitting fuckup-fledgling-fanny-flailing, far-worse as he’s a mere junior and actually deserves an agonized-aching-ass-arse. Kind-natured, his heart is against ‘punishing’ another innocent puerile party by penitent-puppy-posterior-purple-paining, but(t) his better-then-BBs-brain is beware, his heiny hurting horribly merely hand-spanked as he still was sore from the previous flogging for failing to duly discipline a darn devilkin to House-standards, so he compromises kindly, letting the charge get away with double the OTK he just suffered, none of the far-worse flogging to follow.
Kissing the kind tutor’s feet learning this is all, the copious-crimson-cones-cuts-clemency-cashing kid can’t believe his luck to enjoy such magnanimous mercy of minimalistic meekly-mounted-mutt-mounds-misery. Neither is wise to ignore the risk senior Sir might ‘make up due derriere-discipline-deficiency’ himself, but(t) this time Teodor is satisfied to set such splendid example. Meanwhile, Matyas is pleasantly surprised, yet feels a bit guilty, to find how the sting in his spanked stern subsides swiftly as soon as he sees the scared-stiff spanking-subject squirt strip and submit to sirely severity, his sad sobbing sublimely silencing his senior-Sir-spanked seat’s soreness.
Remembering this rare rascal-rearing-royalty ruefully-redhot-raw-rear-rubbing furiously-furnace-fiery-flogged as due deserts dessert-divested dogsbody, it’s tempting therafter to the twink-tutor to take to thornily taking-out the terribly-thrashed-tail-trobbing on tutored-teen-tushes twice-tougher then his tutoring-technique till-then, irresistible to double due-derriere-discipline-dose when the same ‘shopping-silent’ charge deserves it for study-slacking the next week, and when that seems to work way better, rationalizes it’s only fair to flail all F-flirting fools to the same disciplinary-dose-doubled-standard for their own good.
So he starts fighting-off a slowly-mounting taste to thrash teen-tail thriftily to taste the tantalizing-tush-terror-twin: the devilish delight of docks-down-dogsbody-derriere-discipliner’s duty-diverted demonic delecting the sinful spankophile satisfaction of sensing the sufferance slacking student-squirts subject-to systematically stirs his seminally-swelling sex-shaft superbly-sirely, a strange, somewhat-satanic-seeming satisfaction that scares and simultaneously- steadily stronger, seduces to spanking ‘sounder’. Shall it slowly succeed to surmount, sometimes or systematically, his sweet soft-natured-self, student-sympathy and scare of sinful selfishness, seeming too similar to his senseless sadistic spankee-sufferance back home or somewhat start succeeding his savage swatters-squad’s spankophile streak?