BBFC: Matyas Paddle

BBFC: Matyas Paddle

When Matyas first turned up and got the paddle we thought he might not be so keen to come back. Well he did come back and he has been spanked since. But he appears not to have learned much about behaving.


Called in he has to kneel on the couch and present his rear end for a paddling. Kneeling there in shorts he looks every inch a bundle of mischief and Dimitri knows just how to deal with lads like that.


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Black underwear is revealed once those shorts are down and while they show him off nicely they too have to go and his well presented bare ass is paddled as he needs. A great clip with this popular lad, who no doubt will be back as he cannot stay good .










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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Well! I most certainly would not have wanted to be in young Matyas’ pants on this occasion!

As the commentary says, Matyas does look a real bundle of mischief! And there’s only one sure way to deal with bundles of mischief, one at which Dimitri is highly accomplished! I can vividly recall my one and only experience of being laid over the knee and smacked on my bottom with a ping-pong bat, very hard over thin nylon gym shorts and a pair of underpants! So I have some idea what our lad is going through as he is bent over the sofa and well and truly disciplined!

From the increasingly noisy nature of his responses to his punishment, Matyas’s pain seems to get worse when his fairly thin and unprotective looking shorts are removed and the spanking continues over his close-fitting black boxer-briefs! A great selection from Matyas’ pants-drawer – tight, clingy, black with a lovely sheen and the perfect length to frame his pert, cheeky little bottom for a good skelping! That, of course, is one of the reasons for taking a boy’s trousers or shorts down for corporal punishment, isn’t it?! Not only is it embarrassing for him to be (very publicly in this case) smacked on his underpants, but it undoubtedly ensures that the spanking hurts more! OWW!!

The interesting thing is that Dimitri doesn’t look as though he’s applying the bat to the boy’s buttocks all that hard, and yet Matyas is clearly smarting under his not-so tender ministrations! The action is evidently all in the wrist and it is the intensity with which the smacks are delivered that is causing the lad’s facial contortions and gasps of pain!

As the hapless youth’s briefs are pulled down, the effectiveness of the paddling becomes plain for all to see from the pink glow suffusing the boy’s hairless bum – a pink which deepens as the hard and unforgiving ping-pong bat continues to smack down across Matyas’ very bare buttocks! And note the way Dimitri has very thoroughly included a good few spanks across the sit-spot, which will make it hard work afterwards for the boy to sit down comfortably – still, that’s the idea!

Just when young Matyas thinks it’s all over and in his anxiety to leave the scene of his punishment before any more comes his way is preparing to scuttle off without properly pulling his shorts back up, Dimitri catches him out with a couple of quick spanks on his boxers! I laughed out loud at that – always one of the moments I look forward to with BBFC spankings! I don’t know about anyone else, but for me that is always a huge turn-on!

Will Matyas’ most recent chastisement curb his naughty, mischievous behaviour? Well, that’s always the aim of a spanking – but I’d bet my appropriately named ‘bottom’ dollar that we see him bent over to get his perky little backside tanned before November’s out!