Spanking Straight Boys: Oscar’s First Spanking (Part 2)

Spanking Straight Boys: Oscar’s First Spanking (Part 2)

Oscar is a hot, lean Hispanic straight boy who had never been touched by a man before that day’s shoot. He had been physically disciplined growing up, and he said it was rough. But the spanking he gets today is harder than he expected. In fact, that Oscar becomes one of only a few of our boys who has called for a stop to the video.


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Tom uses his hand and a wooden paddle on Oscar’s muscular butt. His butt is already quite red from the spanking in part one of this video. Oscar is on the verge of tears throughout this video, and can be seen wiping some away here and there.




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Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones
4 years ago

Is this a full length video? How much do we get to see before he calls it off?