BBFC: Matyas Late

BBFC: Matyas Late

Teodor gave Matyas a time to be home and the lad is late. The longer he waits the darker his mood gets.

By the time Matyas comes through the door it does not matter what he says he is going to get a spanking.


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Not even giving him time to take off his jacket, Teodor takes the lad into the salon and gets him OTK. No matter the protests and moans the lesson needs to be given. Trousers down and blue boxers show off this lads fine spankable butt.









By the end of the bare ass set Matyas seems to be in the right place to have understood that he must not be late again .



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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

One of the things I believe our society has lost, if I may wax philosophical for a moment, is an understanding of the fact that actions have consequences – and it has generally been very bad for discipline, especially among young lads! It is good, therefore, to see young Matyas being given a reminder that there are consequences for breaking the rules and that they can be severe!

The errant youth would realise as soon as Teodor sat down that he was going to get a good smacked bottom and it would be quickly borne in on him why Teodor needed to adopt a sitting position, something that at his age I had long since learned to understand – that he was going to be laid over Teodor’s knee to be spanked!

Matyas’ reactions from the beginning show that Teodor knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to disciplining naughty boys, and my word, this is strict discipline! And what a bottom Matyas has to smack! Small, pert and beautifully rounded – perfect for a spanking, crying aloud to the gods of Spankers’ Heaven for it, in fact! The camouflage pattern on the lad’s judiciously tightened trousers really brings out the roundness of his cheeky bum, while his royal-blue boxer-briefs (my all-time favourite colour for spankingwear!) frame his bottom perfectly for punishment! I’d love to see him in a pair of underpants that were a shade briefer and tighter as well, so, Matyas, my boy – time for a rummage round in your pants-drawer to see what hitherto hidden treasures they it might yield up!

Matyas limps away uncomfortably after getting smacked, without the formality of pulling up his briefs and trousers – perhaps he has decided to leave it for a few minutes. I sympathise in a way – pulling up a pair of underpants, easing the tight elastic of the waistband over a well-smacked bottom is not the easiest feat to accomplish if attempted too soon after a spanking!

This lad is clearly not a happy taker of spankings – but then, I believe that’s the idea!