BBFC: Kiran Maintenance Spanking

BBFC: Kiran Maintenance Spanking

In need of a reminder Kiran is called in, he has been wandering round all day in a towel and TShirt, so he is not really dressed to be bought to book.


Going OTK he gets the walloping that he needs, he protests of course, but all lads do that even when they know they are guilty.


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The towel is soon off and he gets a bare ass spanking, he also gets a good twist of the ear to make sure he knows that it’s best to behave. By the end of the clip he is so eager to leave the room that he just runs, Dimitri has to pick up the towel and throw it after him.



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7 days ago

We want to see this spanker on the receiving end. Please!

Bruce Crossley
7 days ago
Reply to  Dave

Not with just little hand slapping either. We want to hear them

6 days ago

”Kiran, cursed cur, what are you wearing, why and are you kilt-commando?!?”
“A kitchen kilt, Sir, as master Dimitri tired of flogging me for clumsily keeping soiling my school – and other clothes on kitchen chores, next my underpants and jockstraps, and worries about the climate footprint of extra laundry.”
“Flippant idiot, that’s no kitchen cloth but(t) the last clean bath-towel, and we all know even the cojones-cage couldn’t cure or curb your contemptible cock-crowing-cum-addiction, constantly keeping you seminally-skunk-sordid down-there! Now nobody can properly bathe and clean-up till it’s hand-washed delicately, but(t) we’re out of the proper product for fine fluffy fabrics, so we must wait for the rest after laundry, which lewed lowlife louts like you can’t be trusted with! Get over my knee for now while I check the rosters and re-assign more sensible knaves to their tasks.
(…) Up again so I can inspect you cock, towel off! OK for once, back over!
(…) Up again, put your t-shirt on the towel-hook, you won’t need one at least a month, stay starkers in the house, fetch my cane and touch your toes, you’ll be everybody’s naked bathroom bootle-boy, washing us and and cleaning all clothes and floors by hand on naked knees, OTK while we wait for our stuff to dry, and flogged ad lib whenever someone isn’t satisfied by stupid’s starkers services!
All your mates will be late at school, so I’ll write apology notes to tell you’ll be sent there for at least double the spanking they would have incurred, after classes each day another school, recommending their schoolmates to attend and invite people for the show! (…) In position, count the cuts!”
(half an hour later, back OTK) “Cut the crying, criminal klutz! Crimson cane-cuts copiously criss-crossing clothless cur-cones are the classic CP-summum, corporally conductive to complete-compliance-conditioning compellingly at champion-level, it’s how the British elite prepped their sons at ‘public’ boarding school to rule a world-wide Empire, show yourself completely contrite and suitably grateful your betters care enough to correct our most incorrigible cur to date whatever it takes, even if have to wear out this family heirloom rattan on your dumb ass-arse instead of handing it down to my offspring as last resort CP-crown-jewel, my pa used it only twice on me and my brother each, grandpa thrice on him and my uncle, you alone are already more trouble then three generations.
So I’ll bill your father for a new one delivered at your home, and recommend he tries it out all Christmas holiday before making you fetch it as my New Year’s treat, and propose we get a great discount if he buys one for home, and maybe two tawses for Easter, in line with your Scottish heritage?!“