BBFC: Kiran Blue

BBFC: Kiran Blue

Kiran is due a paddling and Dimitri is in no mood for delays. He calls the lad in and Kiran arrives promptly and goes OTK.

The ping pong bat lands on the trackies he is wearing and the paddling starts.


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Dimitri knows how to warm up a lad before he gets down to their underwear. This is where we see that Kiran is all in blue, Tshirt and boxers matching, a well fitting boxers at that.


A super set follows and Kiran is looking like the punished brat he is. The bare ass paddling that finishes the clip is ideal for a lad like this. Kiran looks very dejected as he leaves at the end, and rightly so


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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

‘Kiran blue’, eh? I’d love to rename this ‘Rhapsody in blue’! Because this was pure music!

Whenever young Kiran walks into a room, that slightly truculent cast to his face, which shows even when he is wearing his protective mask, just makes me want to lay him over my knee for a good smacked bottom! Truculence is a singularly unattractive quality in a young lad and it needs dealing with! And the best way to deal with it is to bend him over and spank it out of him with true severity! Which of course, Dimitri sets about doing to the boy, applying the unyielding wood of the ping-pong bat to Kiran’s well-rounded buttocks with all the skill and vigour we’re used to see him bringing to the act of administering corporal punishment!

It has been an interesting experience watching Kiran taking the super-spankable young Andel in hand and tanning his backside! I always have a slight worry, however, that once you let a boy become involved in the process of disciplining another youngster, there is always a danger of him getting a bit above himself and forgetting that he himself is still young enough to get his bottom smacked! The way you prevent this, of course, is to make sure that you regularly lay him across your knee and lay on a good sound spanking, hopefully till he cries! And I imagine the fact that Kiran is still regularly getting smacked is probably keeping that too-big-for-his-boots tendency well in check! I think what might also help him understand that he too is still young enough for a smacked bum would be if the worm turned and Andel decided he was fed up of Kiran spanking him all the time and gave the little scamp a good old-fashioned taste of his own medicine. Kiran might just watch his step if he suddenly finds himself face down over Andel’s knee! How about it, BBFC?!

I love the way, as Kiran lays, squirming, moaning and gasping with pain across Dimitri’s knee (back where he well and truly belongs!), those slightly baggy trackie-bottoms give the impression that he has a rather larger bottom than he actually has! And boy, when those trackies come down! I was naturally hoping for coloured underpants – indeed blue knix as was suggested by the title – but I’m not sure I was expecting such a spanky pair of boxer-briefs as is revealed! WOW!!! He just HAS to have chosen that pair of pants on purpose! That shade of blue – blue as the firmament of Spankers’ Heaven!! Just the perfect length to frame his bottom seriously sexily for smacking!! And if I’m not mistaken, the sheen on them and the small rucks in the seat suggest that they might be nylon! KINKEEE!!! A real and very rare treat indeed on the set of any MM spanking studio! In fact, I think the only other film where I have seen a boy smacked in nylon briefs was the phenomenal ‘Evan spanks Tyler’ Helix Studios clip, where Tyler appears to be sporting a pair of the then new Calvin Klein range of coloured nylon boxer-briefs, short,teal-hued, close-fitting and very VERY spankable as he bends over and feel s the weight of Evan’s hard hand across his pert and uber-cheeky bottom! In Kiran’s case,nylon or not, once again the golden treasury that is the lad’s pants-drawer has yielded up the perfect choice of spankingwear.

This clip just presses all my buttons, ticks all my boxes and then SOME! OTK, fantastically coloured pants, agonising and embarrassing pulling of Kiran’s ear and the boy’s ineffectual attempts to defend himself from the severity of his punishment! The pain shows in his face right from the start, his squirming and his very vocal response to the hard SPANKS descending relentlessly across those perky hindquarters – to say nothing of the fact that the warm glow which suffuses Kiran’s very bare and hairless bottom as his knix are taken down, and deepens like a brightening sunset, tells of the effectiveness of the partnership between a strong arm, a deft wrist and a solid wooden spanking bat that almost seems to become part of Dimitri as he lays on, making each stinging SMACK! count! SPANK! SPANK! “AAH!”

All too soon for us spankers looking on as the hapless boy is thoroughly and strictly disciplined, a (I’m sure) well-deserved hiding comes to an end! The truculence visibly smacked out of Kiran, he almost runs away, managing to avoid one last SMACK! as the skilled spanker’s way of saying “You might think it’s all over for now, my lad, but…!” Un beau tour de force veritable! Formidable! Merci, MERCI beaucoup, BBFC!!!

Vital statistics
Spanks on the trackie-bottoms 148
Smacks on the underpants 105
Whacks on the bare behind 149
Total Spanks 401

For young Kiran, a mercifully short smacking compared with what we’ve seen some boys get at Jock Spank, and no doubt a relief for the young scallywag. I’ve no doubt it won’t be long before he is naughty again and has to be brought back into line in the way boys need to be! And when it does happen, I as a strict disciplinarian and severe bottom-smacker myself, will not be expending any sympathy on him!