BBFC: Conrad Carpet Beater

BBFC: Conrad Carpet Beater

Seeing that Lefteris got a taste of the carpet beater it seems right that when Conrad plays up he also gets a spanking with it.

leaning on the table he presents his ass well and the beater lands with a satisfying thwack.



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Once he has the measure of it on his jeans they come down and he gets a set on the tight briefs. That hits the mark as they say and Conrad has to concentrate hard so he does not show any pain.



A bare ass set and he is a lad that has learned a valuable lesson.




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

WOW!! The carpet-beater is an awesome instrument of discipline! It is like having a number of canes and being whacked across the backside with them all at once! Because, too, of the area of a boy’s bottom that it can cover, a spanking with it is a truly comprehensive and thorough punishment!

Conrad is one of those lads that just have an aura about them that shrieks aloud to the highest realms of Spankers’ Heaven for a good smacked bottom, and as we haven’t seen him for a few weeks, it is great to see him back in Tony’s lair where he belongs, bending over the table for a good hiding! All the while, of course as Tony goes to work on the seat of the boy’s trousers, I am wondering what colour underpants Conrad is wearing. At last the moment of revelation comes and I am thinking “Oh, YES!” as his trousers come down! Given current fashions in boys’ underpants, it is a rare treat to see a lad wearing briefs for a spanking!Proper brief briefs, that is! Most lads we see on Jock Spank are true to the vogue for wearing boxer-briefs, which I am not denying they look great and most boys look really spankable in them! But briefs to me have the edge when it comes to spankingwear, possibly because I was always wearing them when I got smacked. One or two of my naughty boys really dislike them, so when I present them with a pair to change into to be laid over my knee in, they are always mortified. It’s great for me, because for the boys it adds a deliciously embarrassing dimension to their punishment! I’d love to see young Conrad laid over the knee in those briefs! As a matter of fact, BBFC is one of the very few sites where more boys do wear briefs – coloured briefs particularly. On some other sites, if they are wearing briefs they are often white and not always a very good fit. So it is seriously the cat’s ass to see a young lad in close-fitting briefs that also show Conrad to be a confirmed and unashamed wearer of coloured underpants, happy to sail against the tide of boys’ fashions and wear briefs! May his pants-drawer never fail to yield up an exciting selection!

A boy’s bare bottom never fails to colour up quickly under the not-so-tender caresses of a carpet-beater! If you haven’t seen it and you want to see what a brutal thrashing with one can do to a young lad’s hindquarters, have a look at the discipline laid on with one in Sting’s ‘Approved Education’ 6, starring young Aaron Alton, who ends up with a bum like a strawberry ripple by the time the punishment is finally over! I’m sure the final SMACK! on the bare bottom is a relief for Conrad – but there comes that last dismissal spank that I always look forward to that seems to says to a lad ‘This will happen every time you’re naughty!’ Fortunately for those of us who love our BBFC films, the next time never seems to be too long!