BBFC: Andel Paddled

BBFC: Andel Paddled

As we have seen Kiran has a short fuse and Andel has annoyed him again. Only one way to deal with this and that’s to get the lad OTK and paddle his rear.



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The leather paddle makes a super noise as hit lands on the lads jeans and the warm up is followed by a set on the dark blue underwear. Andel does look highly spankable in these boxers, as I am sure will be noted by undies fans.



Kirak seems to have got a grip on the paddle and uses it very well. The bare ass spanking shows that the lad has a good red glow to his butt as testament to the use of the paddle. A great paddling from Kiran



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Well! I don’t know about the rest of you but this truly is the one I’ve been waiting for since the morning young Andel first graced my computer screen!

I said the first time that I really wanted to see Andel laid over the knee! And what do I wake up to this morning, but that very thing! And in a peer-spanking scenario too! I LOVE IT!! Once again we see Kiran doing his stuff in his new role. Having ironed out the little issue of his spanking style, he shows that he is already well on his way to becoming an accomplished disciplinarian! Of course, he’s had an excellent teacher in Ryan, who truly knows how to lay on a spanking – just the right mixture of severity and almost a kind of playfulness. Kiran has learnt well, spicing up Andel’s smacking with the humiliation and agonising pain of pulling the lad’s ear at regular intervals – that exquisite pain that he has come to know well for himself at Ryan’s hands!

I did suggest that Kiran was a big lad for a slightly smaller one to lay across his knee but Kiran makes a good job of it, with Andel laying over so that his well-rounded bottom is properly sticking up for his punishment! You wouldn’t know that Kiran hadn’t been laying boys over his knee for years! Kiran doesn’t hold back, wielding the spanking paddle with enthusiasm and a surprising degree of skill for one who has only spanked another boy for the second time! He concentrates on the centre points of Andel’s buttocks, just the point that the gods of Spankers’ Heaven have ordained to be ‘the spot’!

Inevitably the track-suit bottoms come down and Kiran begins to smack Andel on his underpants! And I must say, after seeing the pair that he wore the last time we saw him disciplined, his pants-drawer gives every sign of being a real treasure-trove! Navy-blue, my second favourite colour for spankingwear and just exactly the right length and degree of tightness for the perfect framing of the boy’s bottom for being punished! WOW! BBFC were not wrong when they remarked in that lovely spanky preamble to this clip on how spankable the briefs make young Andel look! Straight out of the underwear department of the Spankers’ Heaven boys’ clothing emporium! Well noted by undies lovers, I’m sure!

We reach the hardest stage of a spanking for any boy as Kiran pulls Andel’s pants down, again exercising that very controlling action that shows lads who’s boss! And the warm red glow emanating from Andel’s well-smacked bottom shows that Kiran knows what he’s doing! A great career awaits you as a spanker, Kiran, my boy – and take it from an expert, if I might be so conceited!

The last two smacks as Andel almost scampers off on his way are a sharp reminder that this is what is going to happen in the future when Andel is naughty! Many times, I hope – and I’m sure I’m not the only one!

Vital statistics
Smacks on the tracks 141!
Licks on the knix 157!
Bare bottom spanks 102!
TOTAL 400 spanks!

A nice number, well-rounded like Andel’s beautifully pert bum! It includes the last two smacks with which the boy is sent on his way! I trust it won’t be long before we see him once again walking in the opposite direction…