BBFC: Andel in the way

BBFC: Andel in the way

Kiran is watching TV, well trying to anyway. Andel just wanders in and stands in the way as he looks for something, Kiran asks him to move and he dithers and waffles.


Not a good move as Kiran is quick to temper and he grabs the lad and drags him OTK.


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A good spanking is what’s needed and just what he gets, manners are far less painful than rudeness as he is finding out the hard way.


Once the trousers are down the grey boxers offer a very inviting target for Kirans ire. A good tug on the ear and a warning add to the lesson that Andel is being taught. A final spanking on the already red ass finish the pointers in social etiquette and graces that Andel seemed to be lacking




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Poor old Andel! I’m never sure whether he is a genuinely naughty boy or, like so many young lads around his age-group, just a bit silly and thoughtless.

If it is the latter case, then I’m not sure he necessarily deserves a spanking. What I would say, however, is that given the fact that young Kiran’s ego is probably a bit bruised from the smacked bottoms he’s had recently, he’s probably looking to rebuild his self-esteem a bit – I know I would be, my word, I would! And as he seems to be a bit volatile anyway, I reckon Andel is taking one hell of a risk by pissing him off, even if he doesn’t mean to do it. I’m not sure I would have laid him over my knee and smacked him myself, but then I’m an older guy and not as strict with boys as I used to be. I tend to give them a bit more leeway these days.

All that said, I am not criticising Kiran’s approach to the discipline of an errant youngster who clearly isn’t going to take any harm from being laid over the knee and well and truly spanked! At his age, I’d have probably reacted similarly to somebody getting in the way of the TV – it was just something I couldn’t stand! And when you’ve got such a cheeky bottom and as spankable a physique as young Andel has, you really need to think twice about putting yourself in harm’s way!

As Kiran sets about laying on Andel’s punishment, he demonstrates amply how much he has learned from being physically disciplined himself on a regular basis – right down to the ear-pulling, cause of excruciating agony when it is done with the kind of severity that we see from our spankers at BBFC! I have decided not to worry anymore about the pats between the proper punishing SPANKS! That is Kiran’s style of spanking and I am all for a budding top being encouraged to develop his own bottom-smacking style without the interference of another spanker, however experienced (and I am VERY experienced!). So I’ll say no more about it – perhaps as he matures as a bottom-smacker and refines his style of discipline, he will leave such ways behind! And anyway, who am I to judge when the red glow emanating from Andel’s hairy buttocks as his briefs are pulled down illustrates that if soreness and redness are good indicators, Kiran’s way of dealing with the boy is clearly getting the job done!

The moment I look forward to most is always when a lad’s trousers come down and we find out what colour underpants he’s wearing and what style! So far, Andel has shown that he has a goodly collection of coloured underpants and has yet to appear in monotonous, unsexy, white boner-killers! I would hope that meant he doesn’t have any – but I have made that mistake before. Just when I’ve thought, through lengthy experience, that a boy was a convinced coloured underpants-wearer and I am getting excited over him getting a nice, hard, juicy spanking, down come his trousers and, oh, no, NO! White pants! And, to borrow the language of DH Lawrence, FLOP! goes John Thomas!* YEUCH! No such worries here, though – the dark-coloured waistband of which we get such a tantalising glimpse while Andel still has his trousers on proves to be topping off a short and close-fitting pair of coloured boxer-briefs that frame his beautifully rounded bottom to perfection for spanking! I am 50-50 when spanking a boy on whether he should have his trousers taken down or be made to take them down himself. There are points in favour of both. Pulling a boy’s trousers down is a reminder to him that he is totally in your control, but the embarrassment of having to remove them himself can be acute! And I speak from painful experience from younger days! Here, Kiran goes for the former – easier of course, when a boy’s trousers have to be unbuttoned, which can be awkward if you try to do it for him. Again, experience talking!

Finally allowed to straighten up after having his bottom bared for the final part of a sound spanking, Andel makes a reasonably quick getaway – but not fast enough to avoid one last SMACK! from Kiran to send him on his way – that spank alone would have been enough to make a boy’s bottom smart for a fair few seconds after it had been laid on! If it was manners Kiran was trying to instil into the boy, this spanking should have gone a good way to teaching him a lesson! Time will tell…

(* See ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’.)