BBFC: A Paddling for Taavi

BBFC: A Paddling for Taavi

Taavi is back for a paddling and this time he is wearing skinny jeans.

These skinny jeans that lads like are perfect for spanking, nice and tight across the butt letting the full benefit of a paddling through.

Ryan knows how to paddle a lad and Taavi is finding out how to take a paddling.


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Black boxers after the skinny jeans are ideal and his ass is perfect for a paddling.


The bare ass spanking sets off the forest scene wonderfully, although Taavi might not think so. This might make lads think twice about wearing skinnies and needing a spanking, but we hope not.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Out of the woods comes the cheeky, elemental, faun-like little Taavi, as if summoned from the depths of the forest to be disciplined by a woodland spanking spirit – and one who, this time ping-pong bat in hand, is clearly in no mood for any nonsense and intent on administering a severe punishment! Taavi obviously senses that he is well and truly in for it, and as he goes to bend over Ryan’s knee, offering us a tantalising glimpse of the waistband of his underpants as he does so, he looks very apprehensive! Doubtless he realises that the paddle betokens the fact that Ryan is really going to give him a damn good hiding!!

Which he proceeds to do, laying on the paddle good and hard! And who wouldn’t lay on with a will across a bottom that looks that spankable?! Any boy who even thinks about going round with a bum like that deserves everything he gets! Blue jeans, especially skinny ones, do have a way of making a boy’s buttocks look just altogether too spankable and young Taavi is no exception!! His whimpering, turning into strangled cries as the spanking progresses indicate that his fears are being properly realised and the paddle is doing its job well!

The combination of tight denims and black underpants (my third favourite colour for spankingwear) is a serious boner-maker! I’m always sorry when the underpants’ part of a smacking comes to an end (though I can’t say I ever was when I was the one over the knee in my briefs) but of course, without it, we don’t get the evidence of the impression the punishment has made. In this case, too, we get what I think is the most anguished cry from Taavi that I’ve ever heard from a smacked BBFC lad as the soft, reddening flesh of his well-warmed hindquarters smarts and quivers beneath the hard wood of the paddle (not the only hard wood round here, I can tell you, hahaha!!!)!! Poor little fellow, I thought – that just tore at my heart-strings!

On the other hand, I laughed out loud as Taavi scampered away and jumped as Ryan’s paddle smacked across his bottom for one last time, considerably quickening the boy’s getaway run! Sending him who knows where…