BBFC: Guilty Adrian

BBFC: Guilty Adrian
Adrian has got a bad report and it needs to be addressed. Told to stand at the table he gets a spanking standing up leaning forward.



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Adrian looks good when he makes the effort to dress respectably and seeing him spanked like this is great. Once his trousers are down his cute little butt is seen in dark blue briefs, a good choice I think.



When these are pulled down he bounces out of them in a state of mild excitement, he seems to be getting something extra out of his spankings. A good bare ass spanking and it might just be that he has learned something from this exercise. lets hope not.




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Even without the bad report, this punishment would have been fully justified, as young Adrian was already due a good smacked bottom for his rude gesture behind Tony’s back after his last spanking! He is clearly in need of some old-fashioned, strict discipline!

Since his offence relates to school and he is in his school uniform, it is highly appropriate that the lad should be dealt with in a traditional school corporal punishment-type setting, and Tony bending him over the desk for a smacking seems right and proper! Boy, does it bring back memories of visits to my headmaster’s study! It is also getting Adrian used to a different position for discipline, and again, it is only right that he gets accustomed to the variety of possibilities for positioning for a spanking!

The combination of black school-uniform trousers and navy-blue briefs is a winner for me every time – I think we last saw it when Dominic, uniformed and also bent over the desk, received a good thrashing with the slim paddle! In this case, the briefs are a good, tight fit, giving a truly boner-making enhancement to the smackableness of Adrian’s well-rounded bum! It was good to see that, when they needed to be taken down, Tony did it rather than get the boy to do it himself! I always feel that this, above many other features of a really good spanking, says to a boy “You are completely in my control, young man! I’m taking your pants down because I can!

This is a thorough spanking, one of the most thorough I’ve seen recently at Jock Spank, Tony working his way around Adrian’s pert hindquarters, laying on well over a thousand unrelenting smacks! I always enjoy providing the breakdown of a punishment so here are today’s Vital Statistics!

Black trousers 254 smacks!
Spanks on the pants 343 smacks!
Bare bottom 451 smacks!
Total: A whopping 1148 SPANKS!

WOW!!! That’s severe by any naughty boy’s standards! However, although Adrian takes his punishment like a man, its effects show in his face! And when it’s all over and he pulls up his briefs and trousers with evident discomfort, it is noticeable that the cockiness has gone! He definitely looks like a lad who’s learnt his lesson! I hope he hasn’t learnt it for too long…