BBFC: A Paddling For Nick

BBFC: A Paddling For Nick

Finding himself OTK and looking at the floor again makes you wonder why Nick has not wised up and started to mend his ways. But its fortunate for us that he is slow at learning to change his habits as he looks good OTK.


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He has been ut and is wearing shorts that are great for the beach but no good a saving his rear from the paddle. Once his shorts are down and he is ass up again the choice of underwear is also good but they in turn have to come down once the paddle has been laid on.


A bare butt paddling is what this lad needs and finally gets. But when he stands at the end everything is standing, looks like the spankings are having an effect after all, even if it’s only on his dick. I wonder if it’s enough this time?


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Dr van Spanking
3 days ago

I doubt that any spanker ever wrote a truer word than to comment on how good young Nick looks over the knee – show me a boy who doesn’t! By My reckoning, this is the lad’s sixth time being laid over Tony’s knee for a spanking! What an appropriate figure ‘six’ is for a number of spanking punishments!

I would go beyond the words of the commentary and say that Nick (who with his carved-by-the-gods* bottom is truly a find!) is SO spankable that being laid across the knee is the only position that can really do justice to the boy’s spankableness!

And I think we just need to pause here and consider the fact that there is more to a boy being spankable than just having a pair of well-rounded and pert buttocks, though that is obviously the most fundamental feature needed for any lad to be a successful bottom, whom spankfans will want to watch being disciplined! So what else is needed? I would say a slender and boyish physique and, absolutely essential, the lad needs to wear coloured underpants, be they boxers or briefs – NOT under any circumstances, white boner-killers, however brief and tight they may be! He should have slappable legs and thighs, which ideally should be shown off with short shorts! If possible, too, he should have a low pain threshold so that he is vocal and even physically resistant in his reactions to being spanked!

Apart from the last characteristic, Nick possesses all these qualities in abundance! As to the last one there, he tends to show only by a slight flinching of his legs how getting his bottom smacked is affecting him! Slender and youthful in body with nicely tanned limbs (to match his well-tanned backside, haha!) shown off with T-shirt and well-fitting shorts! And as for his choice of punishment underpants, well! – he clearly owns a pants-drawer, the contents of which are serious rivals to those of some of the other BBFC lads! He has on the same pair of brightly coloured boxer-briefs that we saw him wearing last time we watched him getting a spanking! Great colour for smacking on one hand (a hard hand, one hopes!) but on the other I wonder if I had him laid across my knee if my aim might be a little erratic through being dazzled!

The punishment goes through the usual stages – shorts, underpants and the bare bum! The camera goes in at some beautifully spanky angles, making sure of capturing Nick at his most spankable! It is interesting to note the effect on the lad’s libido, something we are (oh, JOY!) starting to see a little more of between Jock Spank and Feel the Sting! And it definitely adds a touch of authenticity! I remember that there were times when I was spanked, that my cock was so hard, I had trouble fitting it into my briefs, even before I’d had a single smack laid on across my bottom! My guardian couldn’t have failed to notice as he laid me over his knee for a (usually well-deserved) spanking – I certainly have never failed to notice it when I have been disciplining my own naughty boys over my knee! Saying all that, if my guardian ever did notice my uncontrollable hardness, he  never said anything about it!

That delicious final SMACK! unique to the discipline administered by BBFC spankers, lands across the seat of young Nick’s underpants, saying more directly than any words could: “Off you go, my lad! And no more being naughty!” Well, we BBFC lovers have seen and heard it all, haven’t we?! We’ve been there before! And we’ve got the metaphorical T-shirt and pants!

The last SMACK! is also a none-too-gentle reminder that ‘There’s plenty more where that came from, young man!’ Somehow, I think it’s going to be a little while before this errant youth is finished his involuntary sampling of the ‘plenty more’!

* Meaning here, the esteemed gods of Spankers’ Heaven!

3 days ago

Nick is a proper spankworthy boy for sure. He does seem to get away with a sexy spank all of the time so next time I want to see a red ass on that boy!