BBFC: Ricky Paddled OTK

BBFC: Ricky Paddled OTK

A requested clip with Ricky. Called in and made to go OTK he gets a good set with the paddle. Wearing his grey trackies and a blue Tshirt he looks like a naughty lad.




The ping pong bat paddles his rear with trackies up as a starter then onthe wonderfully tight fitting underwear, Rickys butt always looks super in the right underwear.


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Ricky is always animated when spanked and being OTK does not stop him from moving around, all this does is present his ass even better for the paddling.





Once his boxers are down he moves right over the knee and is almost face down on the floor. A great paddling for this popular guy





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Dr van Spanking
Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

I was looking forward to this morning as I knew that there would be yet another disciplinary offering from BBFC! And what an offering! To get up, fire up my computer and find that today it was Ricky being spanked! I love watching this this lad being punished, as much for his reactions to getting his well-rounded bottom smacked and seeing that boyish physique stretched out across Tony’s knee, as because I just love to watch a boy getting smacked anyway!

I was never myself properly walloped with a ping-pong bat when I was of an age when I got regular corporal punishment, but I have ‘experimented’ with one and can say that it does truly sting! My boys have never had it either, but having watched this morning’s episode, I think I ought to be introducing them to it! From Ricky’s reactions, especially when Tony starts to lay it on across the lad’s underpants, it is doing everything a Weapon of Ass Destruction ought to do!

Another thing I love about watching young Ricky being disciplined is that he is firmly a member of the coloured underpants brigade – no white boner-killers for him! His choice of spankingwear is invariably perfect – always good and short, framing his bottom deliciously for punishment, and always a great colour that helps to bring out the pertness of his bottom! May your pants-drawer never contain any white ones, Ricky! I know that in the case of my naughty boys, there are one or two pants-drawers that do contain some such items – the lads know they jolly well leave them right where they are when they come to me to be laid over my knee!

It is a small thing, I know, but for me it’s a major turn-on, and that is something Tony often does – and he does it here: those two last little smacks on the bum as Ricky, well and truly spanked, bends over in those scrumptious boxer-briefs to pull up his track-suit bottoms! Oh my ears and whiskers! In this case, I imagine Tony just couldn’t resist it – I know I wouldn’t have been able too with a boy bent down in front of me in his undies! In fact, I’d probably have told Ricky to stay in that position while I laid on a good extra twelve of the best at the very least! And I mean the BEST!!!

Ricky’s face shows that the punishment has been a chastening experience for him. But, as I always say, that’s how a boy ought to be looking after he’s had a spanking! My word, yes! If he walks away grinning, there’s something SERIOUSLY wrong…