BBFC: A Paddling for Andel

BBFC: A Paddling for Andel

Kiran calls in Andel and gets him OTK. He then sets about giving the lad a good paddling. Andel has had the leather paddle before but this is the real deal and he is about to find out it is a whole new ball game.



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He makes his way to the lads boxers quite quickly, a warm up is always needed, and the black boxers are a perfect fit for a paddling.


The bare ass spanking is good and long and the look on Andels face says that he is finding the paddle a challenge. A rosy rear and a final couple of swats as he leaves the room ends this super clip .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

I am sure that, after the smacking young Kiran got recently, his youthful ego is probabay bruised (as indeed, of course, it ought to be!) and it probably did his injured pride the world of good to find an outlet and a salve for those feelings by being able once again to lay Andel, unresisting and accepting of his punishment. over his knee and smack his bottom hard with the paddle.

While I have seen thicker paddles in use on a boy’s buttocks, that one looks solid and functional! And it very clearly starts to make an impression on young Andel! It is interesting to compare the different types and levels of pain inflicted by different instruments of punishment! With the cane, it is the deep bite that seems to penetrate the whole of your loins! With the slipper, belt and strap, what you get is the BURN! and the excruciating smarting! With the paddle, the width and the unyielding hardness of the wooden surface produces a ‘comprehensiveness’ of pain that is actually quite a shock because of the area a paddle can cover – it really does get to the parts that other implements of discipline can’t reach! And all at once, too! As the commentator points out himself, it is clear that, for Andel, this spanking is a whole new and different ball-game!

All boys, particularly the slender, twinky type, always look great bent over in black trousers and Andel exemplifies this point perfectly as he lays across Kiran’s knee to be paddled across those black track-suit bottoms! This is, of course, the point where I’m wondering what colour underpants he’s wearing and sending up that little prayer to the gods of Spankers’ Heaven that if he happens to be wearing white boner-killers, said gods will magically change them into a pair of coloured underpants before the moment comes for him to get his traackie-bottoms taken down! When that all-important moment comes, my fears prove groundless and I find myself thinking ‘Oh, YES!’ as the lad’s black boxer-briefs are revealed! Andel’s pants-drawer is proving to be quite a treasure-trove of super spankingwear – great colours and perfect length for punishment in every case up to now! I’m trusting that if any boring white passion-killers are lurking in there, the boy has the good taste to leave them right at the bottom!

As Kiran decides the time has come for Andel to lose the scant protection afforded by his thin and clingy briefs, we can see the effect that a paddle can have on a naughty boy from that super rosy pink glow from which you can almost feel the heat emanating! Andel’s somewhat hairier bottom speaks of an older and bigger boy who peobabaly thinks he’s getting too old to be laid over the knee – something I have made it my mission to drill into young lads that that is simply a fallacy of the silliest kind! A thorough respect for a hard hand or slipper across the bottom in an older boy is one way to keep him in line when he is tempted to overstep the mark!

Kiran has quickly grasped the spice that the pain of ear-pulling can lend to a spanking and seems to be getting over that mannerism of the little smacks in between the real SPANKS! His bottom-smacking style is greatly maturing over the short time he has been cast in the role of a top and at Andel’s age I think I’d be getting a whole flock of butterflies flapping around in my tummy at the thought of bending over to be disciplined by Kiran! Of course, he has plenty of personal experience to draw on for developing his own method of laying on corporal punishment! I’m glad to see he has also taken on board that way of sending a naughty lad on his way after a spanking with a couple of extra smacks as young Andel is trying to readjust his disarrayed clothing! That last moment as our naughty boy pulls up his tight black boxers and then bends over to pull up his trackies almost made me lose control down below (if you get my meaning…!)

Vital statistics
Smacks on the tracks! 106
Thwacks on the dacks! 146
THERE! and THERE! on the bare! 206
Two for the road 2

Andel always looks to me like a good lad – well disciplined and easy going, and while he is phenomenally, fantastically uberspankable, he’s not a boy I’d particularly look at and immediately think ‘He needs a good spanking!’ if I passed him in the street. It just shows that you really never can judge by appearances!