Sting: Teacher’s Pests Revenge (Part 2 of 3)

Teacher’s Pests Revenge

In scene two Roberts (Ivan Sabado) gets his revenge on Russell (Robin Palmer) who git him into trouble in an earlier episode of Teachers Pests

As Roberts begins to dress after his punishment, the Headmaster told him to send Russell to see him, which of course he did, after placing some wine in his bag of course. The grin on his face revealing how much he will enjoy getting his revenge on Russell

As soon as Russell arrives at the Headmaster’s office he is ordered to hand over his bag

Standing in front of the Headmaster Russell is shocked to see him remove the wine bottle from his bag

Russell sent to see Mr Sharpe who is waiting for him in the Gym.


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Without a minute to spare Mr Sharpe gives Russell the very same punishment that he had given to Roberts. A damn hard spanking









The spanking is followed by going over the bench and a good hard set of the strap to make sure he never forgets, just as Roberts hadn’t forgotten!




Roberts listens in delight as the strap whacks down on Russell’s bare behind





Russell’s burning and well spanked bottom is just the comeuppance he deserved and the revenge Roberts was hoping for!!

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5 years ago

Robin forever.!!!!